What is a Slim Keyboard?

Mary McMahon

A slim keyboard is a computer keyboard which is extremely thin, causing it to sit close to the desk. There are a variety of reasons for people to use slim keyboards, ranging from the desire for a highly portable keyboard to the need to save space on a keyboard tray. Several manufacturers produce slim keyboards which are compatible with a range of operating systems, and these specialty keyboards can be ordered directly from manufacturers, or obtained through electronics stores.

Slim keyboards are ideal for people who don't have a lot of desk space.
Slim keyboards are ideal for people who don't have a lot of desk space.

The key distinguishing feature of a slim keyboard is the height, which is very low. Slim keyboards are typically designed to sit totally flat on a desk, with supports which can fold out to elevate the keyboard for comfort. The slim design is accomplished by building very small, thin components which fit easily inside a slim housing. The housing may be made from a very durable plastic, or from metal or silicone, with some keyboards combining several construction materials.

A well-designed slim keyboard will be comfortable to use, in addition to slim. An adjustable angle is an important design feature, as it can be used to tailor the angle of the keyboard for specific situations. The keys are also usually designed to be highly responsive, and the components of the keyboard are laid out in an ergonomically friendly way. Some slim keyboards are also undersized, while others have a full array of keys, including a numberpad, and they may have features such as volume controls, touchpads for mousing, and so forth.

For travel, a slim keyboard can be very useful. The flattened design fits easily in a bag or purse, with some slim keyboards folding up for additional portability. Undersized slim keyboards can be ideal for travel, because they take up a limited amount of space in all directions. Slim keyboards often fit into the same compartment as a laptop, for people who want to use a full-sized keyboard with a laptop, rather than the factory-installed keyboard, which can be challenging to use at times.

Slim keyboards also fit easily in keyboard trays, with plenty of room for the hands of a user. They can be useful for managing space in tight quarters, and some people also enjoy the sleek aesthetic and streamlined look of a slim keyboard. Many slim keyboards are also designed to be highly durable, which can make them useful for extended periods of service in an office, where keyboards tend to receive rough treatment.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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