What is a Source Code Editor? (with picture)

Troy Holmes

A computer program is a software application that is built from source code. This source code is typically entered into a computer through a source code editor program. This editor is the programming interface that captures and stores software code while it is written. There are many types of editors available. Each editor is designed for a specific programming language.

Source code is typically entered into a computer through a source code editor program.
Source code is typically entered into a computer through a source code editor program.

Most computer programs are developed in an integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE typically contains a source code editor program that captures and integrates the software code for an application. The editor can increase the productivity of a software developer because the code can be validated quickly using the editor program.

A source code editor program typically has several functions that can manipulate software code. Each editor is unique to a specific software development language. Most software editors provide format validation checks and copy-and-paste features. This helps to ensure code is written based on the specification of the development language.

A simple text editor can also be used as a source code editor. This type of program offers a rudimentary interface that supports basic copy-and-paste functions. Text editor development is often used by software developers who prefer to use non-standard platforms. This is because a simple text editor will work for all programming languages.

An advanced source code editor has many features that improve the overall productivity for a development team. These include auto-formatting, variable type color features, and auto-code-insertion functions. These advanced features help the developer validate his code before it is compiled.

Auto-code complete features are available in most modern editor programs. This feature involves the editor predicting a word or phrase based on what the programmer typed into the editor. This information is pre-filled into the screen before the developer finishes typing a sentence. This is the same feature that is widely available in web browsers and smart phones.

Most source code editor programs also support the insertion of blocks of code. Some code blocks require specific format rules that include how a block should begin and end. A source code editor can automatically insert a code block. This helps the developer insert code structure rules by default.

Hypertext markup language (HTML) is the code used in the creation of web pages. There are many HTML editors available for web developers. These editors provide the framework and functional rules of HTML tags, which increases the productivity of web developers. HTML editors include copy-and-paste features for special HTML tags, which reduces errors during the development process

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