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What is a Split-Level Table?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

A split-level table consists of two tiers or levels, each with a separate platform. The top level is generally stationary, while the tier below many feature a pull-out tray. Many of these tables will feature casters, which employ wheels for portability and easy mobility. A split-level table that is designated as a computer table is generally used for holding a computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard. A split-level table can also be a drafting table that is used for making drawings for engineering or art.

Having a home office often will necessitate the use of a split-level table as a part of a computer workstation. This may be a set of two or more pieces, or one large table. The workstation may also include a printer cart and base for the computer tower.

A split-level table may be used for holding a computer monitor and mouse.
A split-level table may be used for holding a computer monitor and mouse.

For the use of a single personal computer, a small split level table may be adequate. These multi-level tables can often be seen in classrooms, libraries, small businesses, and private homes. Larger pieces are used as training tables and may employ a top surface spacious enough for writing, as well as securing a computer monitor.

Many of these tables are made from solid wood or a laminate type of material used for the shelving. The parts that fasten the shelves and legs to the table are often constructed with a heavy-gauge steel for stability. If made from laminate, melamine, or other non-wood material, split level-tables are usually available in various colors. These tables are often adjustable to suit the individual's height preference.

In many cases, a split-level table will feature a pull-out keyboard tray for a computer. One side of the bottom, or base, of the table may be designated for placement of a central processing unit, also called the CPU. A split-level computer training table will typically be much wider to accommodate the required space for two computers and individuals to sit side by side for work or training purposes. For this type of table, the width may be approximately 70-75 inches (177-190 cm). It will typically hold two CPU holders on either bottom side.

A split-level table may also be designated as a drafting station or drawing table. Many students find this practical for sketching. The top shelf may be adjustable to tilt at various angles. The lower platform can be used for drafting, designing, or drawing purposes, or for holding a small laptop computer. The top shelf is often used for holding supplies such as pens, pencils, and notepads.

Split-level tables of various types may be found at office supply stores, department stores, and through Internet searches. Some offer space-saving designs to accommodate small apartments or dorm rooms. Many of these will require assembly.

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    • A split-level table may be used for holding a computer monitor and mouse.
      By: sveta
      A split-level table may be used for holding a computer monitor and mouse.