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What is a Sync Generator?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.

A sync generator is an electrically powered device used to synchronize the pulses delivered to transmitter equipment. The generator is also used to synchronize pulses delivered to in-studio equipment for most television broadcasting studios. The fact that the unit is a generator makes it able to produce the pulses the equipment needs to become synchronized to the signal pulses transmitted from the station.

In order for a television studio’s transmitter tower to work properly with any of the other transmitter equipment, the signal supplied to the transmitter equipment has to be synchronized and timed. This process is carried out through the use of the sync generator. The generator adjusts the signal, which must be timed either in power or frequency form.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

The sync generator also provides the signal pulses needed for all of the cameras filming in the studio, especially in live applications. These cameras must operate in phase with each other, meaning they all must work at the same time with the same broadcast objective. Sync generators allow the cameras filming from different places to be operated simultaneously, as well as seamlessly, so that the signal that is broadcast through the transmitting equipment is stable without shakes or dead spots.

The sync generator can also be used to deliver one camera signal to multiple television monitors at the same time, without any shift in the signal being delivered to the separate monitors. These generators are used with the main purpose of simplifying the signal processing through all of the different components in a system that must process the signal before it can be transmitted. The width of the pulse, which is another term for the amount of time the signal is being transferred at its peak, is synchronized across the entirety of the circuit.

In-home or private use for a sync generator is usually done for the purpose of allowing one input signal to be synchronized across a multiplied output circuit. It allows for the delivery of synchronized signal pulses that are created by the generator without any of the pulses fading or becoming unstable. Sync generators are usually the devices used when a homeowner wishes to operate a home security camera system and have the signal from the camera delivered to the intended monitors throughout the house or building without any loss in quality of the input.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc