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What is a VBScript String?

A VBScript String is a sequence of characters used to represent text within VBScript, a scripting language developed by Microsoft. It's essential for storing and manipulating text data, such as names or sentences. Strings can be combined, sliced, and formatted, making them versatile for various tasks. Curious about how strings can power up your scripting? Let's delve deeper into their potential.
Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

VBscript is a software scripting language used in many Internet software applications. The VBscript string functions manipulate strings of data. These functions provide developers tools to transform, delete, and truncate data elements within a string of characters.

The VBscript language was first introduced in 1996. It was designed for Visual Basic® programmers to build Internet web pages. This scripting language relies on underlying Microsoft® technology, which makes it a proprietary coding language. It allows developers to place buttons, scrollbars, and graphics on the Internet Explorer® web browser.

ASP code is placed within HTML pages to facilitate website functionality.
ASP code is placed within HTML pages to facilitate website functionality.

Microsoft® created the VBscript string functions specifically for the Internet Explorer® Web browser. These functions are available in ActiveX® and Visual Basic programming languages. The functions are fairly easy to use because this programming language is based on the English language. This makes it more intuitive than most modern programming languages.

The VBscript string functions are often termed client-side scripting functions. That is because the functions are executed locally on a user's computer through the Internet browser. The client-side nature of these functions make them perform faster because they use the hardware resources of an individual's personal computer system and do not have the latency that occurs over a network.

A VBscript string is typically used as a data validation tool in software. These functions verify the data entered on the screen is in the correct format and character type. Some examples include dates, numeric validations, and string validations rules.

Manipulating strings is a common problem for many software applications. An example of this is a comparison function, which compares the data elements of two strings. In VBScript, the StrCmp is the function that compares two strings. This function is designed to validate the correct data was entered.

The two primary technologies for scripting Internet web pages are Java® server pages (JSP®) and active server pages (ASP®). Active server pages are coded with the VBscript string functions, whereas JSP® technology uses Java® script for scripting purposes. Each language has specific benefits and usage requirements that are designed for a particular application.

Learning the VBscript string functions is a fairly simple task for most software developers. There are several tutorials available on the Internet, which typically include code samples. An experienced computer programmer can easily learn this scripting language with a few weeks of study.

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    • ASP code is placed within HTML pages to facilitate website functionality.
      By: gunnar3000
      ASP code is placed within HTML pages to facilitate website functionality.