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What Is a Video Splitter?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

A video splitter is typically a device used to transfer a single video and audio input source to two or more outputs. This type of splitter is designed to utilize a particular type of input or output, and the number of outputs can vary depending on the needs of the splitter user. Since splitting a video and audio signal can potentially degrade the quality of the image or sound, some splitters are also designed to “boost” the signal to counteract this degradation. A video splitter can also refer to a software program designed to edit long video files into shorter clips.

Sometimes called a “Y adapter,” based on the shape of some splitters, a video splitter is a physical device used to split video signals. These devices typically act as an adapter between a video and audio source, such as a media player or incoming television signal, and the display device, such as a television. The input device is connected to the video splitter, allowing the signal to enter the splitter. Two or more output connections are then used with the splitter and the televisions or other display devices to which the split signals are sent. This allows two or more monitors to display the same audio and video together.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Splitting a video and audio signal can potentially reduce the quality of the signal itself. A video splitter, however, can be designed with an internal device that boosts, or increases, the power of the original input signal as it enters the device. This allows the two output signals to be closer in strength to the original signal, reducing the effect that splitting has on the quality of the audio and video. By boosting the signal, a video splitter can also be used to ensure a signal can be sent through a much longer connection without degradation, or loss of quality.

A video splitter can also refer to a type of computer software used in video editing. While powerful video editing programs can allow users to cut long videos down into shorter clips, these programs are also typically quite expensive. Less expensive or free programs can be used to cut or split videos, but do not include a number of other features that are often found in the more expensive and powerful software packages. This type of video splitter is typically quite easy to use; the user inputs a video, chooses a portion of the video to be kept, and the software splits that segment from the rest and creates a new file with just that shorter portion.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing