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What is a Web Calendar?

R. Kayne
R. Kayne

A Web calendar is an online tool for keeping yourself or others abreast of upcoming events, dates, appointments, deadlines, or special occasions. Anything time-dependent can be entered into a Web calendar. It can be used for personal purposes or for organizations, businesses, Intranets or webmasters.

A basic Web calendar is hosted free of charge at many sites. It's a great way for a group of people to access a central "hub" for upcoming information which would otherwise have to provided by telephone, flyers, bulletins, or through a hosted website. The Web calendar can be updated from the office or the comfort of home 24/7, making it a convenient resource. And of course it is available to view 24/7.

The widespread popularity of web calendars may soon diminish the need for paper calendars.
The widespread popularity of web calendars may soon diminish the need for paper calendars.

Web calendars with advanced features are available for a yearly fee in most cases. An example of an advanced feature might be nested calendars. In this case, a company might have a dozen global offices which each have their own Web calendar tied into a main calendar. The main calendar would have access to all 12 sub-calendars to incorporate events for an umbrella calendar.

To edit a Web calendar, one might use a special tool like iCal, free and downloadable, or a simple text editor. In either case, the editing is completed, then uploaded back to the site that hosts the calendar. Access to a Web calendar can be private or public. A public calendar is available for anyone to view, but a private Web calendar can have access rights and other permissions. For example, employees of a company might be granted access rights to view the calendar, while the right to edit it might be limited to one or two individuals.

There are countless applications for a Web calendar. A local church might use a Web calendar to keep parishioners informed of mass times and fundraisers. Nonprofit organizations can benefit from using a public Web calendar as a quick, easy way for people to peruse what's happening inside the organization. Clicking on an event could take the surfer to the main website for more details.

Businesses of all kinds and Intranets can also make good use of a Web calendar. Project phases, deadlines, sales quotas, and short and long-term goals can all be easily accessible and continually refreshed. With a little creative thinking, a Web calendar can even be used as a motivational tool. Clubs can utilize Web calendars to keep members in touch. From little league schedules to outings for hiking clubs, motoring, sailing or crafts clubs, a Web calendar will keep everyone interested in the loop.

Web calendars can come in handy for the individual as well. Planning a wedding? Make use of a Web calendar to ensure sure you get everything done on time. From invitations to the cake, decorations, gown fittings, church and reception rentals, a Web calendar can come in handy to coordinate your schedule with the myriad people you'll be counting on.

When shopping for a Web calendar, make sure the site offers the features you require. Ease of use is an important consideration. Many Web calendar host sites offer demos and trial pages that allow potential customers to practice entering events using the site's tools. This is a good way to find the host that's best for you.

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Can somebody tell me what an ASP web calendar is? I keep hearing that term floating around, and I have no idea what it means. Is it some kind of web calendar code, or what?


I run a spa with several practitioners, and before we had our web calendar, it was almost impossible to keep all of our clients straight.

Though it's possible to do it with one of those books with the four person calendar side by side, the web events calendar made it so much easier!

Now we can keep all of our clients straight, and make sure that the practitioners don't get overwhelmed or, worse, double booked!

Many of our clients also really like it because it means we're better able to schedule them multiple treatments back to back, and we can also use it to send out electronic reminders the day before their appointments, which is good for both them and us.

Although the we use a web calendar server-based service, I know that there are a lot of personal web calendar options out there, so I'd say it's a must for any spa that wants to keep up to date -- with so many free and customizable options, why on earth would you not use this?


I would be completely lost without my dynamic web calendar. I keep it synced with my iPhone so I can keep my schedule accessible any time I need it, and I can also set up little reminders with the web calendar script to make sure that I don't forget about important events.

And of course it's really convenient that I can share it with my friends, since that way they can already know what I'm planning on doing at a certain time, or when I'm going to be available or busy.

It's also really convenient with my clients, since they can see when I'll be out of the office and make their appointments accordingly.

If you run a small business like me, then I would highly recommend you using a net or web calendar -- I know I'd be sunk without mine!

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    • The widespread popularity of web calendars may soon diminish the need for paper calendars.
      By: danimarco
      The widespread popularity of web calendars may soon diminish the need for paper calendars.