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What is a Web Kiosk?

A web kiosk is a public terminal offering internet access to users, often found in places like libraries, airports, or hotels. These standalone systems provide a secure way to browse online content without needing a personal device. They're tailored for ease of use and are equipped with privacy measures. Wondering how web kiosks can benefit you? Let's examine their potential together.
Desi C.
Desi C.

Web kiosks, which are also referred to an Internet kiosks, are machines located in public and business spaces that provide web or intranet services. The most common type of web kiosk is available for convenience purposes, and allows users to pay for a service using a credit card. There are, however, other types of kiosks which have their own services and requirements for use.

Web kiosks can be found in malls, shopping centers, hotel lobbies, airport terminals, and other public and privately-owned spaces. Most web kiosks are pay-per-use, meaning that the user has to pay the pre-set price to access the Internet. The typical web kiosk includes a credit card payment option, and charges are incurred on a per minute basis. Some web kiosks also provide print and fax services.

Web kiosks might provide mall shoppers access to online deals.
Web kiosks might provide mall shoppers access to online deals.

The cost of using a web kiosk is generally high, so they are often located in areas where Internet access might not otherwise be possible, but where it could be helpful. Travelers find web kiosks to be especially useful, particularly when they are traveling without access to the web and need to complete quick tasks, such as checking email or travel itineraries. The kiosks are also helpful when shopping, allowing consumers to quickly and conveniently look up information about products.

Consumers can also find web kiosks that provide access to downloadable music and other media. Digital music players can be synced to the kiosk, and music can be purchased using a credit card or debit card. These kiosks are popular in locations such as shopping malls and airports.

The design and technology of web kiosks are ever changing. Some kiosks are made to be placed outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. Outdoor kiosks are used for such things as event ticketing and sales, as well as public information. Other kiosks are set up for providing health information and for customer service purposes.

Another type of web kiosk is the employee web kiosk, which is specifically made for companies and organizations. Employee web kiosks provide access to an intranet and allow employees to check such information as time sheets and productivity. This type of web kiosk can be tailored for the company or organization, and services are generally limited to accessing personal and company information.

Web kiosks are available in many different designs. Stand up kiosks are popular in locations where browsing time is usually very quick, while sit down kiosks are more appropriate in airports, for example. Web kiosks can also be set up as a touch screen station on a counter, or even mounted on a wall.

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A good example of web kiosk software is eCrisper. Mac computers make great kiosk.


A number of companies (mainly big chain stores) have a kiosk set up for filling out a job application now. You just sit down and start filling it out, it's saved and active for at least 30 days. Then when the application is about to expire you can just go back to the kiosk and enter you PIN and re-activate it. SO much easier than trying to write legibly (my biggest problem!) and easier on the office personnel to.

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    • Web kiosks might provide mall shoppers access to online deals.
      By: Photocreo Bednarek
      Web kiosks might provide mall shoppers access to online deals.