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What Is a Wireless Amplifier?

A wireless amplifier boosts audio signals without the clutter of cables, delivering rich, powerful sound to your speakers. It's a game-changer for music enthusiasts seeking a seamless, high-fidelity listening experience. Imagine untethered audio that fills your space with crystal-clear sound. Ready to elevate your audio setup? Discover how a wireless amplifier can transform your sonic landscape. What will you listen to first?
M. McGee
M. McGee

There are two different devices that are commonly known as a wireless amplifier. The first device allows a speaker system to operate without wires. These systems are comprised of two boxes, one that connects to the transmitter and one that connects to the speaker. The first box wirelessly transmits sound to the second box which contains the actual amplifier. The second type of wireless amplifier is any one of a number of devices that boosts the wireless signal of a network router.

Amplifiers in general are any device that improves the strength of transmitted signals. Since an enormous part of modern technology operates on some type of signal, these devices are everywhere. Any system that sends or receives information has an amplifier built into it. By connecting another external amplifier, it is possible to extend the power of the device past its original capabilities.

Wireless stereo systems generally fall into two categories: infrared and radio frequency.
Wireless stereo systems generally fall into two categories: infrared and radio frequency.

A wireless amplifier, when connected to an audio system, is generally a very straightforward device. All sound systems have internal amplifiers and many nicer systems have external ones as well. The wireless amplifier is not meant to replace any of those devices. The wireless system simply takes the place of the wires that normally string between the sound system and connected speakers.

One half of the wireless amplifier connects to the system just as if it was a normal speaker. This means that any amplification or effect that exists on the speaker line goes to the wireless system. The second half of the amplifier connects to one or more speakers. These speakers must be within a certain range, but they can be on different floors or around walls. The first half of the box intercepts the signal that goes to the speakers and transmits it to the second half, which then sends the signal on to the speakers.

When used as part of a computer network, the wireless amplifier allows the system to connect to devices further away from the router. These devices come in two basic forms: router attachments or satellite boosters. A router attachment connects directly to the wireless router, often adding on to or replacing the router’s antenna. The amplifier will intercept the signal going out of and coming into the router, improving its strength.

A satellite amplifier, often called a signal booster, is a device that is totally separate from the router. This amplifier is placed somewhere within the signal area of the existing network. The booster will read incoming and outgoing information and improve its strength. Unlike an attachment, this will give a shape to the network signal, allowing a specific area greater power without improving the signal in other locations.

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    • Wireless stereo systems generally fall into two categories: infrared and radio frequency.
      By: kornienko
      Wireless stereo systems generally fall into two categories: infrared and radio frequency.