What is a Wireless Network Diagram?

G. Wiesen

A wireless network diagram is a visual tool used to indicate how different computers and devices connect and communicate throughout a wireless network. The way in which all of this information is illustrated can vary from diagram to diagram, though in general the information should be presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. A wireless network diagram can be used in professional settings or in homes to help different users understand how different connections are maintained.

A wireless network diagram shows the connections between different devices, like the router.
A wireless network diagram shows the connections between different devices, like the router.

One of the most common ways in which a wireless network diagram is depicted is through a flow chart that indicates how different devices connect and communicate. In general, the purpose of this type of chart is to help users of computers and devices on a network better identify different connections and understand which devices control or alter the network. A network diagram for a network that is physically connected through wires will typically use lines to show these connections between different machines. When creating a wireless network diagram, this same type of system can be used, or other methods can be used to show the wireless nature of the network.

A wireless network diagram will typically show each device and computer that is part of a network. For example, a diagram that is created to show a network that consists of a modem, two routers, and five computers that are all connected wirelessly will depict each of these machines and devices. This can be done by simply using shapes that are labeled to represent each device, with different shapes or pictures to indicate different types of devices.

The different ways in which these devices connect are then depicted as part of the wireless network diagram as well. One of two common methods is typically used to indicate these connections. Solid lines can be used to connect different devices and computers to indicate how the network has been created. For example, a wireless network diagram for the previous example could have a line indicating incoming data from an external source to the modem, then two lines connecting each router to the modem, with two lines connecting two of the computers to one router, and three lines connecting the other three computers to the other router.

While this type of wireless network diagram works well to indicate how different devices all connect, it may not work for some networks. It may be easier to show all eight devices with wavy lines emanating from or toward each device, but not directly connecting them, to indicate a wireless network. The direction of the lines in this type of diagram can then indicate the direction in which data can be transmitted throughout the network.

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