What is an AeroGarden?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

Many people prefer to garden indoors through a variety of means. An AeroGarden® is a product for cultivating an indoor garden. Produced by AeroGrow International, it is a complete planting kit with several features to help beginning gardeners, it is considered an optimal indoor gardening kit for those who are unfamiliar or unlucky with growing plants.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

An AeroGarden is a container that allows gardeners to cultivate plants in a controlled indoor setting. Considered an easy method of growing vegetables and plants in general, it regulates temperature, moisture, nutrient, and sun levels for the grower. The device also features lights to simulate sunlight when needed.

The machine works with what is known as seven-pod growing technology. These pods circulate water and oxygen over the seeds and roots within the AeroGarden, ensuring optimal nutrition delivery and growth. Seed pods are one and one-half inches (two to four centimeters) long. Several sized AeroGardens, including a standard classic size, a space-saving small size, and a deluxe size, are available.

In addition to the AeroGarden® itself, seed kits for these garden systems come with everything necessary for a full season of plants. A harvesting guide explains how to use the system and includes several recipes to try with the plants once they are grown. Bulbs or seeds and nutrient tablets that release plant food on a specialized timetable are also included.

Unlike most gardens, AeroGardens® do not utilize dirt. They also do not rely on seasonal changes and can grow throughout the year. People who use the AeroGarden often like that it does not involve weeding, and results in little to no mess. Assembly is generally not required with these kits, and operation is executed through an electrical plug.

Some AeroGarden® users create fresh herbs, vegetables, or fruits for culinary purposes throughout the year. Others use their AeroGardens® for starting seeds indoors before safely transplanting them into a larger outdoor garden. Fresh flowers can be grown in them to help bring a pleasant aroma, an air purifier, or an aesthetic visual piece to a home. Places of business use the containers to enliven a space.

After seeds sprout, growers can expect plants to last for up to six months. Harvesting can occur within as quickly as three weeks. Estimated care for plants averages to less than five minutes per week. If a grower should travel away from home for a lengthy amount of time, plants may be left unattended for up to two weeks.

If purchased with a warranty, the AeroGarden® comes with a germination guarantee. Seed kits available with the purchase of the system include vegetables, mixed herbs, salad kits, and flowers. Kits are also available for planting already-grown plants from a garden to an indoor AeroGarden®.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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