What Is an Array String?

A. Leverkuhn

An array string is one element in a collection of variables including character strings that is used in different kinds of computer programming. The array is defined as a sequence of variables that have the same name, but are uniquely identified by a secondary designation. Variables in the array share attributes. An array of strings is an sequence of variables that hold multiple characters, which are referred to as strings. An array string is one single string that is included in the array.

Generally, a string variable is expressed with brackets or other punctuation around the word.
Generally, a string variable is expressed with brackets or other punctuation around the word.

For those who don’t understand the use of string variables, it’s helpful to contrast these variables with others that hold numbers or values. For example, where a variable containing an integer might contain the number 1, a variable containing a string might contain the word, “hello.” Generally, the string variable is expressed with brackets or other punctuation around the word.

Computer programmers use array strings in various ways. Because the string variables in the array share attributes, programmers might frequently contrast one array string to another using specific array commands. The array string is also useful in a database, where programmers can change one of these elements without changing the others. For example, in a string array containing three names: “Mary,” “Sue,” and “Joe,” the user can change the third array string variable from “Joe” to “Robert” without disturbing the information nested in the other two array string variables.

In general, arrays are efficient ways to hold many corresponding bits of information. Apart from names, a string array can hold different text descriptors, from shapes and sizes to other properties like color, specific dimensions, or even value expressed in words rather than numbers. Arrays can also correspond to a set of visual icons in a computer interface, where users can click on each one to see one of the elements of the string array.

It’s important to note that syntax for a string array is different in each specific computer programming language. Using a string array is slightly different in a computer language like C++ than is in another language like Perl. Programmers need to understand the specific syntax of a program to effectively use string arrays in coding or programming. Those who are using software programs do not generally need to know about the string array at all, but understanding how these elements are manipulated by developers will help them to know more about the products that they rely on.

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