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What is an Electronic Ticket?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

An electronic ticket is commonly referred to as an e-ticket. This ticketing method employs technology to reduce the amount of paper and the costs of issuing tickets for services such as transportation and entertainment. Such tickets are usually issued, sent, and modified using computers. In many instances, confirmation of the purchase can be established only with identification.

An electronic ticket is sometimes called a paperless ticket. This is because all aspects of such ticketing can be computerized. This type of ticketing has numerous benefits. To begin with, it is more environmentally friendly because less paper is needed. It also reduces costs due to savings on items such as paper, ink, and printers. Another benefit of e-tickets is that they eliminate the chances of losing a paper ticket and having to pay replacement fees.

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket.
An e-ticket is an electronic ticket.

Furthermore, electronic tickets can save customers a significant amount of money. In the past, if a person purchased a ticket from an airline over the telephone or using the Internet, she would generally receive a paper ticket in the mail. This usually involved her being required to pay shipping and handling charges. E-tickets are often free. In many instances, when companies have an electronic ticket option, they will charge customers who request paper tickets.

Many people purchase E-tickets when traveling via airline.
Many people purchase E-tickets when traveling via airline.

An electronic ticketing system is generally designed to electronically notify all necessary parties without exchanging paper. If a person buys a bus ticket, for example, she will generally receive an electronic receipt at the time the purchase is completed. This may include her travel itinerary, and it may be the only correspondence she receives from the bus company. In some instances, however, an electronic ticket may be emailed to customers after they make their purchases.

Meanwhile, the bus company will have a system in place that will notify agents of paid passengers. A person who has purchased a ticket can usually proceed to the bus station on her day of travel. She will usually be required to present some form of identification and, in some instances, the credit card that was used to purchase the ticket. With these items, it can be confirmed that she has paid and is qualified to travel.

One fault of electronic tickets, however, is that they do not generally eliminate the need for printed boarding passes. The same is true when e-tickets are issued for entertainment events. When a person reports to the check-in counter or box office, she will generally receive seat assignments or other entry documents in printed form.

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    • An e-ticket is an electronic ticket.
      By: w00kie
      An e-ticket is an electronic ticket.
    • Many people purchase E-tickets when traveling via airline.
      By: dutchpilot22
      Many people purchase E-tickets when traveling via airline.