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What is an LED Light Bar?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

An LED light bar is a particular type of electrical light fixture. It is characterized as being elongated and having several "bulbs" on it. Using an LED light bar can be a cost-effective light source for home owners, because LED light bars can be attached to each other and have a tendency to function many years after their purchase. They also can be used in emergency vehicles. Installing certain types of LED light bars can even benefit the environment, because some are built to conserve energy.

An LED light bar can be used in many ways. In the home, an LED light bar can be used to help view the inside of appliances such as freezers or fixtures such as cabinets. They can be employed in rooms that naturally require more concentrated or direct lighting, such as game rooms. An LED light bar can even be used simply as an accent or decorative item.

LED light bars may be featured on police cars.
LED light bars may be featured on police cars.

In addition, LED light bars can be used on the road. They can serve as emergency lights for motorists. They're often seen blinking on police cars or other types of emergency vehicles to signal that an accident has taken place or that passing motorists should make way for emergency services. However, LED light bars also can be installed inside a vehicle, and many vehicle owners prefer this because it is a more economical choice.

LED light bars can be snapped together. This can be beneficial to a homeowner who wants to connect multiple LED lights to make a longer LED light bar. Connections can be done easily with plastic ends that fit together. Some models of LED light bars can be dimmed if a certain number of them are connected together. Self-driven, built-in drivers can make installation a snap, because home owners won't be required to install additional drivers, and certain models of LED light bars can be installed with double-sided tape.

The installation and use of LED light bars are relatively easy, but homeowners still have a responsibility to observe local codes and adhere to safety standards. LED light bars might be an alternative source of lighting for many, but they still are electrical fixtures, they depend on power, and they can be potentially hazardous. Homeowners can only benefit by making sure that the installation of their LED light bars is permissible and safe in their homes. Doing so can save a homeowner a lot of trouble in the long run.

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LED light bars are a great, cheap way to get unique lighting sources in your home that regular bulbs cannot. I have LED strips all over my garage, for example.


@SZapper - I'm not surprised to hear your LED light bar is energy efficient. I keep hearing all this stuff about LED lights are the wave of the future as far as lighting goes, because they're so energy efficient and long lasting.

I've been considering putting up one of these in my closet. I actually have a walk in closet that doesn't have a light built in! Super lame. I'm going to go for the energy efficient kind for sure.


I use an LED light bar over my desk. I have no complaints about it. It looks pretty unassuming where it's set up against the wall, and it solved a space problem for me.

I don't have that much room in my apartment so my at home work space takes up a pretty small area. My desk is so small I barely have room for a lamp on it. There's not really room to set up a floor lamp either.

So I chose an to put and LED light bar on the wall to save space, pretty much. The kind I got is supposed to be energy efficient, so that's another plus.

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    • LED light bars may be featured on police cars.
      By: travis manley
      LED light bars may be featured on police cars.