What is an LED Power Supply?

Daphne Mallory

The light emitting diode (LED) power supply provides the electricity that is needed to power a laptop. Charging a laptop is the most common use, and without the LED power supply the laptop will not function once the battery charge is depleted. The alternative to a laptop power supply is a laptop battery charger, in which the user swaps out the battery to charge while another battery is in use. That’s often an inconvenient option to the LED power supply, which can be plugged in anywhere there is AC power, such as an electrical outlet. Some laptop power supplies are compatible for use in the car charger.

Laptops are powered by LEDs.
Laptops are powered by LEDs.

The components of an LED power supply are the AC power adapter and wires. One wire connects the AC power adapter to the electrical outlet, and another wire connects to the laptop. It’s often available in 120 watts and can be adapted for use on airplanes or in the car. Many adapters have an LED light, which indicates whether the LED power supply is on or not working. Other laptops have the LED light built into the laptop itself, and not the power supply, and some laptops have both.

An LED power supply can be adapted for use on aircraft.
An LED power supply can be adapted for use on aircraft.

Users of many types of power supplies have to troubleshoot them from time to time, and the LED power supply is no exception. A common issue is that the LED light fails to turn on when the power supply is plugged into the wall and not into the laptop. It’s often recommended that the user try plugging in the power supply into another wall outlet or using another cord to determine whether the original power supply no longer works. Users in rural areas may also experience surges in the power output at different times, which can damage the power supply. Plugging into a universal power source often solves that problem.

There are also ways to ensure that the LED power supply performs its best. To begin with, users are advised not to yank wires from the wall outlet. It’s often an electrical hazard to expose the power supply to heat sources or moisture. Dropping it can often result in a faulty power supply, and the only remedy for that is to buy a new one. When there is a problem with the LED power supply, users are instructed to return it to the manufacturer or retailer and not try to disassemble and fix it themselves.

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