What is Anti-Gravity?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Anti-gravity is a concept that focuses on creating a means of being free from the force of gravity. The idea has long been a staple in many works of science fiction and is often employed as a tool that allows persons to manipulate the gravitational pull of a planet or other body to best advantage. Over the years, this has led to the imagination of all sorts of anti-gravity devices ranging from anti-gravity boots that allow persons to minimize the impact of gravity on the wearer to massive anti-gravity devices that make escaping the atmosphere of a planet a simple process.

Anti-gravity focuses on freedom from the force of gravity.
Anti-gravity focuses on freedom from the force of gravity.

It is important to note that the underlying principle of anti-gravity does not involve the elimination of gravity per se. Even in science fiction, the idea of destroying the gravitational pull of a planet or other heavenly body is understood to cause chaos. Instead, anti-gravity methods and devices seek to free a particular object from the forces of gravity that continues to function normally on all other objects within the scope of the gravitational pull. For example, a person wearing anti-gravity boots would be able to step outside the pull of gravity and be free to jump over wide expanses of territory. Adjusting the operation of the boots would make it possible to slowly float back down to ground level safely and at will.

While a common device within the realm of science fiction, the concept of anti-gravity is also found in science. However, since the development of the idea of general relativity, the idea of creating a freedom from gravity by means of temporarily minimizing the effects is considered highly unlikely. Usually, the more common approach is to use force to escape the effects of gravity, with the understanding that gravity will reassert control when the force is depleted.

At the same time, interest in the idea of anti-gravity continues to gain some attention. Sporadic attempts are sometimes made to study the concept in more detail, but generally these efforts blend into the larger task of understanding the nature of gravity. Still, the occasional inventor will present a prototype for a workable anti-gravity device. To date, none have been successful in creating a temporary state of not being subject to gravity. While there is no current scientific evidence that true anti-gravity can ever be achieved, there is no doubt that visionaries will continue to try.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Our family is gifted with dowsing and I have witnessed and taken part eight or nine times the levitation of a wooden table by a dozen family members. One had to have used the gift before it worked and it takes about five or six minutes. The table was 4 by 4 and rose usually about a foot or so.

Frustratingly, have not transferred this biolevitator to a machine level yet. note: some family members would have no record of what they just took part in as if they were in some sort of fugue state. (Cosmockery)


Anti-gravity is not really a myth. I've actually seen it, first hand, in real life with a sighting I had in 2004. No, this is not another story coming from another delusional individual. But, anyway, it was a pyramid shaped object that was rotating/spinning as it moved diagonally across the sky. After seeing this, I know for sure that this really is physically possible.


Antigravity is a myth. If someone wants to overcome gravity they actually have to employ gravity, for at the subatomic scale, gravity actually repels. Physicists know this -- they just don't understand it, let alone know how to employ it. Happy hunting guys.

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