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What Is Call Capture?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette

Call capture is a technology device that businesses and professionals can use to manage incoming calls. The technological device captures the information of the caller. The technology or software program is also part of the marketing of the business because it allows it to track where calls are coming from in its marketing and advertising efforts and to move the callers through the proper channels of the sales or marketing funnel.

For example, a real estate agent may use different identification numbers that they assign to each one of their properties. When the agent posts the for sale sign in the yard of the property, the sign includes the call capture phone number that pertains to that specific property.

Call capture is often used in business settings to manage incoming calls.
Call capture is often used in business settings to manage incoming calls.

When the caller dials the call capture number, the technology first collects the name and incoming call number of the caller. This provides information to the agent or the business that is using the call capture program for later marketing efforts and follow-up. Second, it allows the caller to hear pre-recorded information that pertains specifically to that property.

The software typically allows the caller to bypass this information if they want. At the end of the message, the caller has the option to speak to agent, leave a message or whatever other option the agent chooses to offer.

Call capture systems and software can work for any type of product or service. Another way to use call capture is when testing the different forms of advertising the company is using. The company can create a call capture number for a newspaper print ad it has placed and then assign a completely different call-in number for a billboard they have erected on a nearby highway. The software program can also provide clues as to the types of customers attracted to the business or advertisement, including specific area codes or zip codes.

Not only can the call capture system see which promotion attracts more attention, but when sales representatives follow-up with the callers, this also allows the business to calculate its conversion rate. In other words, it allows the company to calculate how many of the phone calls that come in from the call capture that the company is able to sell a service or product.

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    • Call capture is often used in business settings to manage incoming calls.
      By: auremar
      Call capture is often used in business settings to manage incoming calls.