What is Cyber Billing Software?

S. Gonzales

When people talk about cyber billing software, they usually are referring to software that is used to maintain the business needs of an Internet café. Cyber billing software can do much more than just serve as a means to invoice and process payments. Depending on the particular software chosen, the software also can monitor users' activities, set up security measures and manage employees.

Cyber billing software can let administrators create accounts for users.
Cyber billing software can let administrators create accounts for users.

The features of cyber billing software can vary from package to package, but many software options include features that allow administrators to monitor multiple computers at once. Monitoring can range from keeping tabs on activity to measuring usage. The results of monitoring can be used in reporting and billing functions that commonly are included in software of this type. Security, advertising and marketing functions can be found in certain software packages, as well.

Billing is important to those who run Internet cafés, so this software often is equipped with many billing options. Generally, invoices can be generated with ease. Administrators might be able to set up pricing systems using the software. The software can even facilitate payment processing and can help administrators accept credit card payments.

Cyber billing software can let administrators create accounts for users. These accounts can come with passwords so that only users who have been assigned passwords can take advantage of privileges associated with certain accounts. For instance, a computer that has been designated as a gaming computer can have a particular user name and password assigned to it, and anyone who has this information can log onto the computer and play games on it.

Certain versions of cyber billing software can have features that allow the administrator to control which programs a user can access and run. For example, administrators can allow access to the Internet but block access to games on some computers. Administrators also can have the ability to block access to certain websites. In addition, administrators who want to protect the integrity of their computer systems might bar users from accessing programs that control computer functions such as control panels. When access is limited in this capacity, users cannot change important computer settings.

Billing software like this can even help a business owner manage his or her employees. It's not uncommon to run across cyber billing software that will offer to generate reports on employee accounts so that administrators can see how employees spend their time. It also can help business owners determine whether employees have been following proper billing procedures.

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