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What is Digital Media Production?

Digital media production is the creative process of developing content that is delivered through digital platforms. It encompasses a range of multimedia elements, from video and audio to graphics and animation, all crafted to captivate and inform an audience. As technology evolves, so do the possibilities. Curious about how this innovation shapes our world? Let's dive deeper into the digital realm.
Bryon Turcotte
Bryon Turcotte

Digital media production is the process in which digital files are created, enhanced, encoded, and distributed using numerous methods of processing via computer hardware and software applications. These files represent assorted media types, including audio, video, graphic, and written content as seen on the Internet. These media types are most often specifically coded to function in a pre-determined environment or platform. Digital media production exists as the primary discipline for the creation of digital music, streaming video, and other content made available to a mass audience. This industry makes it possible for the world to see and hear things differently and with more imagination.

The definition of digital media production is constantly changing as the boundaries of technology expand each day. In many cases, it refers to the production of visual media, as in digitally enhanced animation; or new media creation, including website creation, multimedia authoring, and the creation of computer games. Since digital media files are based on the binary numeral system, which refers to the individual states of zero and one as a representation of data, the types and possibilities of creation are endless as technology progresses. Logically, digital media production encompasses an area responsible for multiple processes, which in turn has the potential to create media of numerous genres and styles.

Video editing falls under the umbrella of digital media production.
Video editing falls under the umbrella of digital media production.

Before the approach of the 1980s, media outlets depended on print; tangible graphic art; and crude, analog techniques, such as those used in broadcast television and radio, to communicate ideas and entertain the world audience. As technology progressed, the face of media and the methods behind its production transformed into a science. This science incorporates the use of one or more computer workstations, specialized software applications, and creative technologists developing a constantly changing art form.

When the face of media changed, so did the primary components within music, film, television, advertising, journalism, and personal communication. The development and establishment of standards of digital media production have also affected one of the oldest and most important technological inventions in history. Even the printing press has been transformed by technology through digital image manipulation and desktop publishing software which can effectively allow a single computer workstation to function as the author, editor, publisher, and printer of its own publication.

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For those of you that would like to pursue digital media production as a career you can take both full-time and part-time courses at college that can help you get started.

While much of music and video production can be learned online, if you wish to get paid for your work. a company may insist you have some formal training.

You can also try and volunteer your time to produce some pieces for local charities to create a great portfolio that will not only help you to get into a great school but have something to show to future employers as well.


Digital media production has not only been a great tool for people in professional settings, but it also allows those of us who wish to produce quality music and video, the ability to do so in our homes.

With a quality computer, and some decent software, anyone from anywhere now has the capability to easily make and share innovative pieces with the world.

I really believe that digital media production has changed how we consume and produce media.

For those of you that have started to work on producing your own media, can you suggest any forums or software that would help a budding producer to realize their dreams?

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    • Video editing falls under the umbrella of digital media production.
      By: Haider Y. Abdulla
      Video editing falls under the umbrella of digital media production.