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What is EAI?

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a framework that allows various business applications to communicate, share data, and streamline processes. By enabling seamless integration, EAI enhances organizational efficiency and agility. It's the digital glue binding disparate systems, ensuring they work cohesively. Ready to see how EAI can transform your business operations? Continue with us to uncover the potential of integrated systems.
David White
David White

EAI stands for Enterprise Application Integration. This is a process that brings together enterprise computer applications under a common programming umbrella to increase functionality and performance.

At its most basic, EAI shares data between applications, and it can have several purposes. It can link databases, sharing data and providing a backup database in case problems arise. EAI can also provide data warehousing, funneling data from several databases into one for optimal use. Businesses also use it to complete a single business transaction across multiple systems.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The most innovative use of EAI is to create a common virtual system. In other words, the process can meld a series of applications and/or databases into one cohesive operating machine. This is without a doubt a more powerful option than one server operating on its own.

There are several reasons why companies would want to do this. Among the reasons are to take advantage of new technology, such as Internet and intranet functions. Related to these are e-commerce and electronic communication, such as email and videoconferencing. The vast majority of EAI users are large businesses that have large data sharing requirements.

One well-known use of EAI is by credit card companies and watchdog entities whose goal it is to catch credit card thieves. EAI allows these businesses to efficiently track millions of bits of data and to mine that data for a specific purpose. Another popular use is by financial institutions that want to help their customers complete foreign currency transactions online.

To help regulate and sponsor the use of EAI, members of companies around the world have formed the EAI Industry Consortium (EAIIC). The EAIIC is dedicated to getting the most out of the process while striving to guarantee that industry best practices are maintained. EAI begin in earnest in the 1990s, as businesses discovered the need for more cohesive software solutions to their data sharing and integration problems. It has gained steadily in popularity and looks to be here to stay as a solution to the problem of merging complex systems toward a single goal.

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Discussion Comments


I want to know how EAI relates to ESB and ETl.


EAI applications can be built on any programming technologies, viz., JAVA, .NET or others

Based on the Data Requirements of an application X from Application Y, an EAI product can be setup/configured/mapped and run. Ramaiah P.


is this EAI is same as data warehousing? I think data warehousing also doing the same task by integrating the data from different sources and providing Information to users?

But I don't understand one usage specified above that it uses to run a single transaction across multiple systems?

What actually mean by that? can anyone explain to me with a good example?


it can retrieve the source date by various common methods like web services, JMS, JDBC calls,and one more important method is internal bus transaction. Likewise it would send the data to the destination application.


EAI is a real example of data transformation between several business applications. E.g. hospital patient data is updated in insurance/pharmacy applications. These three applications are integrated and seamless data transformation will be in place. Ramaiah Palaniappan


i want to know whether the EAI is used in .NET or not


how do EAI allows these businesses to efficiently track millions of bits of data and to mine that data for a specific purpose?????????????????


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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer