What is Environmentally Friendly Technology?

Mandi Rogier

Environmentally friendly technology is a rapidly growing field that focuses on new scientific and technical methods that benefit the earth. Also referred to as “green technology,” this area is dedicated to preserving our natural resources. This involves both the development of new technologies and the improvement of existing ones.

Solar panels can generate clean, environmentally friendly energy.
Solar panels can generate clean, environmentally friendly energy.

While these inventions, improvements, and scientific developments can have a worldwide impact on our global ecosystem, they also affect people on an individual level. Many green technologies directly affect the everyday lives of those who use them. By improving the way people perform basic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or heating and cooling their home, green technologies are able to reduce the environmental impact that families have on the earth every day.

A closeup of a solar panel.
A closeup of a solar panel.

Environmentally friendly technology utilizes many methods for reducing the impact that various activities have upon the earth. To be considered environmentally friendly, a product or action should be sustainable, produce as little waste and pollution as possible, and utilize the recycling and reuse of materials whenever possible.

Energy efficient CFL lights are one form of environmentally friendly technology.
Energy efficient CFL lights are one form of environmentally friendly technology.

Energy is one well-known area of green technology. Sustainable sources of energy include wind power, hydroelectric power, biofuels, and solar energy. These environmentally friendly technologies can now be used to power homes, businesses, and even small electronic devices. Solar-powered garden lights, remote controls, and electric shavers are all available for eco-conscious consumers.

Some environmentally friendly technologies focus on everyday consumer products such as cleaning supplies, paint, and plastics. An increasing number of companies such as method® and Seventh Generation® have emerged to provide consumers with cleaning products that are safe for the earth. Even leading global companies such as Procter & Gamble®, which produces Dawn®, Tide®, Gain®, Bounty®, Puffs®, Charmin®, and other well-known brands, have gotten on board, setting goals for sustainability.

On a larger scale, green building has emerged as an important area of environmentally friendly technology. Green buildings use sustainable or recycled materials as much as they can and strive to impact the surrounding environment as little as possible. These structures often include innovative features such as solar panels for clean energy and energy efficient appliances that use less power and water.

As awareness of our impact on the environment increases, environmentally friendly technology will likely expand as well. The future of this field may see innovations we can’t yet begin to fathom as society strives to live lightly upon the earth and reduce and repair the damaging impacts of our ever-increasing population.

Wind power is a clean energy source.
Wind power is a clean energy source.

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Discussion Comments


For those of you with sensitive skin who struggle with buying cleansers and products, you can benefit from companies that produce items through environmentally friendly technology.

Often these items are free of harsh chemicals and often come marked as natural. You can avoid horrible fumes and toxic materials by purchasing green chemicals that will not only keep the environment safe, but you as well.

These products are also great to use around children and pets, as they contain more natural ingredients. Your family will be much better off without the worry of being burnt by your cleansers.


I believe that choosing products that are produced through environmentally friendly technology is vital to our survival. There has been so much pollution and damage to our resources that any steps that you can take to helping are important.

When you go to your supermarket for items, and visit the shopping mall, try to find items made from recycled materials. Buy from companies that use sustainable resources, and choose those who invest in green technology.

Consumers have the power to influence big business with our dollars. You can do you part by demanding that companies use environmentally friendly technology and by only choosing products that have the least impact on our world.

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