What is IDRISI?

Donn Saylor

IDRISI is a type of software that blends an integrated geographic information system with remote sensing capabilities for the analysis of geospatial data. It is utilized by analysts, researchers, and scientists in the fields of environmental management, proper allocation of natural resources, and the advancement of study in sustainable resources. It was created by experts at Clark University's Clark Labs, who sell the product online and through accredited resellers.

The work of Abu Abd Allah Muhammed Idrisi, after whom IDRISI is named, had a major influence on map making from the 11th to 16th Centuries.
The work of Abu Abd Allah Muhammed Idrisi, after whom IDRISI is named, had a major influence on map making from the 11th to 16th Centuries.

The first IDRISI system was developed in 1987 by Clark University geography professor J. Ronald Eastman, who remains the main developer and designer of this unique brand of remote sensing software. Since its initial inception, IDRISI technology has continued to advance. Clark Labs regularly releases updated versions of the original software, each one offering more sophisticated options and additional features. In 2009, the highly popular ISRISI Taiga, the 16th version of the product, was put on the market.

Though its name may sound like an acronym, IDRISI was actually named for the renowned geographer Abu Abd Allah Muhammad al-Idrisi, who lived from 1099 to approximately 1165. During his lifetime, Al-Idrisi made monumental contributions to the study of geography and cartography. His findings had a major impact on mapmaking for the next five centuries.

IDRISI software has become an industry leader for its accurate and dependable digital geospatial information analysis. It is utilized by professionals in over 180 countries around the globe. IDRISI provides a number of exclusive benefits to properly study and make prudent decisions regarding the intricate dynamics of geospatial systems.

Among the main features of the IDRISI software is the total geographic information system (GIS) analysis package. This package boasts a number of abilities, including tools for both fundamental and complex spatial analyses, data regarding current and future land alterations, and an image-based examination of land changes over a period of time. It also offers support in making informed decisions on the entire process.

IDRISI contains a thorough package of image processing options, which aid in the classification of geospatial elements. The package contains a wide-ranging list of hard and soft classifiers. It also includes image division properties to more accurately identify materials for classification.

A thorough archive of instructions, tutorials, and documents is also part of the IDRISI system. These can be imported or exported to other systems for easier analysis and study. IDRISI software works on the Microsoft Windows operating platform, making it compatible with a number of other devices.

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