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What is Notebook Mobility?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Notebook mobility typically refers to one of two things: First, it can refer to the way in which a laptop can be easily moved from place to place and used in various locations and environments, which typically depends on the features and devices used with the computer. Second, notebook mobility can be used to refer to other ways in which notebook computers can be easily moved around and made more mobile, such as through wheeled carts and similar equipment to increase mobility. In either case, though, notebook mobility relates to the use and portability of a notebook or laptop computer.

A notebook, or laptop, computer is a fairly small computer that consists of a monitor and keyboard, often with an input pad that replicates mouse movement, and various hardware devices necessary for the computer to function properly. This type of computer is often used by people who have a small space that would not work well for a full desktop computer or by computer users who want to be able to easily transport their computers. When it comes to the use of such computers, mobility typically refers to how well a notebook computer can be moved and still utilized.

A touchscreen tablet computer, a very mobile type of computer.
A touchscreen tablet computer, a very mobile type of computer.

For example, a notebook computer that requires an external mouse, a wireless network adapter connected through a universal serial bus (USB) port, and other secondary devices might have low notebook mobility. This is because to effectively use the computer, a number of other devices must be transported and used with it. A laptop or notebook computer with higher notebook mobility would likely not require any other devices and would have internal devices allowing it to easily connect to wired or wireless networks.

Notebook mobility can also refer to secondary hardware and equipment used to transport one or more notebook computers. This type of mobility is often seen as a secondary consideration, which may make the use of notebook computers easier during travel or in multiple locations. Such notebook mobility equipment could include carrying cases, often with room for attachments or built-in attachments, and smaller devices for easier travel.

A cart or similar piece of equipment could also allow for further notebook mobility, especially for multiple notebook computers that may be used by people in a business or classroom. This type of cart is often wheeled, allowing for easier transportation, and typically has storage areas for a number of notebook computers. Such equipment could also include the ability to plug into a wall socket and provide notebook computers on the cart with outlets for charging while not in use.

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    • A touchscreen tablet computer, a very mobile type of computer.
      By: ?
      A touchscreen tablet computer, a very mobile type of computer.