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What is Speech Verification?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Speech verification is an aspect of speech recognition software that utilizes a computer program to anticipate certain specific patterns of speech and then verify that those patterns are found in a voice recording or live person speaking. These patterns are typically connected to cadence, pitch, and tonal variations common for a person speaking. This feature in vocal recognition software can be used to help train a person in how to speak properly with a certain accent or vocal inflection, which is beneficial for someone trying to learn a particular style of language. Speech verification can also be used with vocal recognition programs to verify that a specific speaker is talking and this is often used for security applications.

In general, speech verification is a process through which a computer program is able to not only recognize but verify certain aspects of spoken audio. This typically utilizes other recorded sources of speech to compare and find differences and similarities. Such verification will usually utilize certain aspects of speech such as pronunciation, tone of voice, and syllabic stresses placed on certain words while speaking. Speech verification software is often utilized either for recognizing general patterns in a certain type of speech or unique ways in which a specific person speaks.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

General types of speech verification are often used in coaching or teaching a person to either speak a new language or to learn a specific dialect or accent of a language. This can often be used by actors, politicians, and diplomats to develop speech patterns that more closely fit a linguistic ideal. Computer programs with this type of speech verification will usually analyze speech by a user and compare it to accepted samples of speech utilizing the desired accent. Alterations the user should make will be illustrated, and most programs will supply audio clips to allow users to hear the differences as well.

Speech verification can also be used for security purposes in connection with speech recognition software. This type of software will be programmed with audio samples of a specific person speaking, which are then analyzed to isolate certain patterns of speech indicative of that speaker. The recordings are then stored and can be compared to future speech in order to verify the identity of the speaker. With this type of speech verification program, a bank or similar business can allow customers to access personal accounts over the phone and ensure the customer is the one calling by analyzing the customer’s voice. Such programs are not necessarily inexpensive or in wide use, but for certain applications they can be quite beneficial.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer