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What is the OOPic?

The OOPic is a microcontroller designed with object-oriented programming in mind, making it a unique tool for robotics and automation projects. It simplifies complex tasks by allowing components to be programmed as interacting 'objects'. Intrigued by how the OOPic can revolutionize your DIY endeavors? Discover its potential to transform your creative projects. What could you build with an OOPic at the helm?
A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

The OOPic is a programmable microcontroller that allows for simple coding in a variety of computer languages. This Microsoft technology brings more to a streamlined computing and hardware setup where data and controls are integrated into one small device. OOPic is an acronym for Object Oriented PIC.

A microcontroller is a single multi-function piece of hardware. It generally has a single integrated circuit. The microcontroller has a CPU, ports, data space and more, allowing for fully functional uses. A PIC microcontroller is a microcontroller with separate coding and data spaces that can handle simple code for directing various functions.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

The PIC (programmable integrated circuit) controller has specific characteristics that define it. Hobbyists and others involved in using a PIC microcontroller refer to a “core architecture” that includes fixed length instructions and other aspects that help with facilitating the kind of programmed controls that these devices provide. As a rule, each piece of the PIC controller is relatively limited, and is designed for a restricted type of use, in contrast to the hardware found in a laptop or PC computer.

The OOPic or object oriented programmable integrated circuit microcontroller is built so that owners can control it with object oriented programming. Object oriented programming is a type of computer programming that uses a “virtual object” as a model, rather than just putting lines of code into a linear model. Object oriented programming has helps provide some of the biggest leaps in technology that the twentieth century has produced.

With OOPic, users can input control code in languages like Basic, C or Java, all of which rely on object oriented methods. Familiar objects are often added to OOPic units from accessible libraries that IT communities generate for public use. Objects such as speaker controls allow for audio processing and similar routine tasks. Other objects might be useful for advanced functions such as robotics.

Specific OOPic models such as OOPic-R and OOPic-S types have their own specific setups for intended use. Items like I/O lines and ports allow for data transport. A circuit board for an OOPic microcontroller can also include other hardware such as an internal speaker.

In today’s technology world, the OOPic controller is one big way to look into more precise uses for the kind of circuit board hardware that drives our personal computers and other similar equipment that we use every day for communications and data handling. With the OOPic, it’s easier for many users to experiment with a single use for a computer device, or to isolate a function within a hardware environment. These kinds of devices can also help with making single-use hardware more affordable.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc