What Is Wholesale Computer Software?

Helen Akers

Wholesale computer software includes packages and programs that are not sold in a retail store. Instead, the software is sold through a company that acquires the product directly from a manufacturer or re-seller. Many of these wholesale companies market the software online or through mail-order catalogs. The types of wholesale computer software that are available for purchase are fairly diverse, ranging from out-of-stock titles to new office productivity packages.

A tablet computer running a game, a type of software.
A tablet computer running a game, a type of software.

Companies that act as an intermediary between a manufacturer, a retailer and an end consumer are known as wholesalers. These companies often buy products in bulk from manufacturers, stores or even individual producers. They specialize in storing and transporting those products before they are resold to someone else. The main advantage of buying directly from a wholesaler is reduced cost.

Buying office productivity software in bulk may be useful for businesses.
Buying office productivity software in bulk may be useful for businesses.

Computer programs are one of the many types of products that wholesalers distribute and sell. Wholesale computer software is typically not any different from what is offered on the shelves of retailers. The packages include operating systems, office suites, business productivity software, graphic design software, games and Internet applications. Some websites that sell wholesale computer software let potential customers browse by category so that it is easier to locate available titles.

There are companies that specialize in selling wholesale computer software that is no longer offered in retail locations. These software packages may be slightly out of date or older titles that are no longer manufactured. In some cases, the software may have been previously used, but is still in a good enough condition to be resold. Prices on used software may be even more heavily discounted.

Even though the prices of wholesale computer software tend to be lower, many of these companies offer full customer service. The majority maintain a website where potential customers can place orders and receive access to a customer service team. Some wholesale companies facilitate the customer service process through e-mail platforms and others use a combination of phone and e-mail based support.

Wholesale companies that specialize in the re-marketing of computer software may partner with manufacturers to accept product. Sometimes manufacturers have excess amounts of inventory due to order cancellations, seasonal fluctuations or poor forecasting. Periodically, manufacturers may find it more beneficial to liquidate inventory that is going to be discontinued.

Small businesses may also find purchasing through a wholesaler to be beneficial. They may not have the resources to form a partnership with a major manufacturer, but still need to be able to locate product to sell to their customers. A wholesaler can provide them access to major brands without having to order and store as much inventory.

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