What Should I Consider When Buying a Cell Phone Walkie Talkie?

Garry Crystal

The cell phones of today have become unbelievably sophisticated. You can access the Internet, send email and talk to people on the other side of the world. All of this technology is available in a small device that can fit into your pocket. The latest addition to this technology is the cell phone walkie talkie, a system whereby you do not even need to dial to speak to another person.

Some cell phones can be used like a walkie talkie.
Some cell phones can be used like a walkie talkie.

The cell phone walkie talkie is heralded as the latest way to talk to one person or to a group of people. Remember the big handheld walkie talkies you had as a child, or the ones that you always see park rangers use when someone is lost in the wilderness? The basic idea of a walkie talkie through a cell phone is the same, but the use of digital technology means that the sound should be crystal clear, and of course the range is unlimited.

A cell phone walkie talkie incorporates the function of a walkie talkie into a cell phone.
A cell phone walkie talkie incorporates the function of a walkie talkie into a cell phone.

The technology is also known as push to talk (PTT). This means that you need only push one button to have instant access to the other person. The phone doesn't have to ring for the other person; he or she will hear your voice immediately.

Another benefit of the cell phone walkie talkie is that you can talk to groups of people at one time. You simply talk, everyone else listens, and then it is someone else's turn to talk. This is ideal if you have a large business premises, such as a factory, and you constantly need to be in communication with other people. If considering this use, make sure that everyone you need to talk to has the walkie talkie feature on his or her phone.

With a cell phone walkie talkie, you can switch back and forth between regular cell phone calls and PTT mode. The big difference between standard walkie talkie handsets and a cell phone is the coverage. Two-way radio units have a limited range, whereas cell phone walkie talkie coverage is nationwide. The battery life of a cell phone is also considerably greater than that of a normal two-way handset.

If you are looking for a cell phone with greater communication capabilities, then one with walkie talkie technology may be for you. It is an ideal device for keeping in constant contact with business colleagues or friends. The extra function should not add any cost to your cell phone, as phone retailers are in constant competition to give the customer the best price.

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Can you talk past a jammer with a cell phone walkie talkie?


To get around the fee for adding push to talk service on your cell phone you can also download free apps from your provider that can help you create a walkie talkie feature on your cell phone.

This kind of application is safe, easy to install and is a good option if you don't want to spend money on a larger service, and only need to speak to one other person.

Other users review a lot of this software, so you can read about their experiences with it. Often they will recommended which kind of cell phones are most compatible with the program and how clear the signal is, as well as ease of use issues et cetera.


A lot of cell phone companies are creating extra services for those who want to use their cell phones in a variety of ways. This includes turning your regular cell phone into a walkie talkie.

These services do usually require an additional fee, but you don't need to have a get any special equipment to use it. This can be especially neat if you have blue tooth headsets and use them to push to talk.

The services provided by your cell phone company are really great because they allow multiple phones to be set up on a push to talk basis. This can be an excellent buy for a business that needs to stay in touch instantly.

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