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Bios chip. Internet

What Is a BIOS Chip?

A BIOS chip is a non-volatile microchip that's on the motherboard of the computer. It is what allows the hardware inside the...

G. Wiesen
A seven-pin SATA cable. Hardware

What Does SATA 6Gb/s Mean?

SATA 6Gb/s is the third-generation of SATA, or serial ATA. Click here to learn more about advantages and revisions to the SATA interface.

Margaret Lipman

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A file folder can contain files, other folders, or nothing at all. Software

What Is a Computer File?

A computer file is a specific piece of data held on a computer system. This can be anything from an executable program to a user...

Lisa Bigelow
A switch port is a rectangular physical opening that accepts a data cable. Hardware

What Is a Switch Port?

A switch port is the physical opening where a data cable can be plugged in. Read on to learn more about switch port types and configurations.

Amanda Holland
Network drivers help complex systems communicate with each other without encountering any issues in the process. Software

What Is a Network Driver?

A network driver is a software program that controls a device that's used to connect a computer to a network. If the driver is not...

Erik Neilson
Pixels are made of individual color dots. Hardware

What Are Pixels?

A pixel is a dot used to display an image. Most pixels display at least 8 bits worth of color, but more advanced pixels can...

Lisa Bigelow

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Motherboard with some slots shown. Hardware

What Is a Front Side Bus?

A front side bus is an electrical pathway on a computer's motherboard that connects hardware to the CPU. Practically, a front side...

Amanda Holland
Old CRT Monitor. Hardware

What Is a CRT Monitor?

A CRT monitor is a display device that create a visible image on the screen. Click here to learn more about CRT fun facts and alternatives.

Amanda Holland
A CDA file does not actually contain the audio stream, but rather the information for locating the beginning and end of the named track. Software

What Is a CDA File?

A CDA file is a file that holds data that serves as the index for tracks on an audio CD. If a CD is ripped to a computer, the CDA...

Margaret Lipman
In a bluebugging attack, the hacker is able to seize control of the phone’s functions. Security

What Is Bluesnarfing?

Bluesnarfing is the hacking practice of using a Bluetooth® connection to access a mobile device. It is very hard to do because it...

Margaret Lipman

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