How do I Choose the Best Blogger™ URL?

B. Miller

Your BloggerURL is the username that is displayed as part of your blog address. Because Blogger™ is the host of the blog, most Blogger™ URLs will look something like, or Your blog is hosted as a subdomain on the Blogger™ servers, and supported by advertising, which is what gives you the ability to have a free blog. You will want to be sure to choose a catchy Blogger™ URL to entice visitors to come to your site.

A Blogger™ URL often includes the creators name, unless it is meant to be anonymous.
A Blogger™ URL often includes the creators name, unless it is meant to be anonymous.

The first step when choosing a Blogger™ URL is to determine if you want your blog to be anonymous or identifiable as you. This is because many people choose to use their first and last names, or a combination thereof, as their username. This can be a good choice because it makes you easier to find, as well as making it more likely that your desired username will still be available. In general, try to avoid adding numbers at the end of a username; not only are they difficult to remember, but they tend to look unprofessional.

Keeping your Blogger™ URL short and punchy helps make it more memorable.
Keeping your Blogger™ URL short and punchy helps make it more memorable.

If you decide to go with something other an a first or last name for your Blogger™ URL, try to make it relevant to your blog, or give it some sort of meaning. Don't just pick a random word out of the dictionary. If your blog is a personal blog, try to think of a username that pertains to you and your interests. If it's a photo blog or music blog, the same rules apply. A URL with meaning will be much more memorable.

When selecting a Blogger™ URL, make sure everything is spelled correctly. Even though it may be easier to get a username that is spelled incorrectly, it will make it more difficult for visitors to find your site. In addition, try to keep your Blogger™ URL as short as possible, which makes it more memorable. Long URLs may seem interesting and unique, but they are tough to spell and remember.

Again, remember that the purpose behind choosing your Blogger™ URL is to make it easy for people to find and remember your site. If you plan to use your blog as part of your resume or portfolio, be sure the URL is professional and appropriate for people of all ages to see. As a general rule, it is a good idea to imagine that anything you post on the Internet can be read by everyone you know, from your grandmother to your boss. Be creative, but be aware of what you are posting.

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@umbra21 - I find that tends to become quite spammy though. You don't want something that looks like a robot came up with it. And if you are making a commercial website, you really ought to buy a full domain name rather than using Blogger or a platform like that. It doesn't really look professional if your URL has blogspot or blogger in it.


@bythewell - If the name is a parody, I think it's legally allowed. It's actually really tricky to come up with a good name that is memorable and unique without being difficult to spell. I actually think the best bet is to try for a short sentence rather than trying to come up with a single word or title. The blog "Hyperbole And a Half" is a good example. That's easy to remember without being too much of a mouthful, but it wasn't very likely that anyone came up with it before the blog author did.

Another thing you might want to consider is if you are planning to have a themed blog. If you want to get a lot of traffic, it might be worth looking up what popular keywords relate to your topic and try to use them for your URL. That way you will get more bang for your buck in search results as well.


You might want to be careful about picking a URL that could be construed as something else. If you were to pick something like Coca Cola, for example, you might actually get into trouble with the company for infringing on their copyright. The same goes for band names.

If you want to reference something in particular, like a band or a product, then your Blogger URL should be a more subtle reference rather than a direct one.

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