How do I Choose the Best Broadband Wireless Modem?

G. Wiesen

To choose the best broadband wireless modem, you should begin by determining what your specific needs are. Then you will be in a better position to proceed with finding one that fits your needs. Doing some research on broadband and wireless technology can help ensure you are properly equipped with the knowledge you need to make your purchase. You will then want to go to various real world retailers or search technology retail websites to find a modem that fits your needs. Such online retailers often have the added benefit of offering reviews of their products from other customers, to help you gain more insight into your potential purchase.

A broadband connection enters the modem and connects nearby wireless devices via an antenna.
A broadband connection enters the modem and connects nearby wireless devices via an antenna.

When you are looking for a broadband wireless modem that fits your needs you should be sure that you know what kind of broadband Internet you have. You should know whether you need a digital subscriber line (DSL) modem or a cable modem before you make a purchase. This will, at the very least, help you narrow down the market a bit, as you eliminate certain models.

Find out what kind of broadband Internet you have before choosing a modem.
Find out what kind of broadband Internet you have before choosing a modem.

Since you are looking to buy a broadband wireless modem you should also consider just what your wireless needs are. You may live in a small apartment and only have a desktop or laptop accessing the modem, so you do not necessarily need one with a great deal of range. If, however, you have several computers 100 feet (almost 30.5 meters) away from each other, then you might consider a wireless router as well.

You should try to be sure that a modem you choose will be able to handle the uploads and downloads you need to be able to rely upon. If you only use the Internet for casual perusal, then most broadband modems will probably work well for you. If you work from home and need to be able to upload and download large files quickly, then you would likely want a broadband wireless modem that can take full advantage of the speed of your Internet access.

There are many Internet sites that provide reviews and discussion boards for technology and computer hardware. You would do yourself a favor by checking some of these sites and looking at particular models they recommend or suggest. It is a good idea to cross-reference such recommendations against other sites or discussion boards to see more than one perspective on it. Doing just a little bit of research on the modem you want can save you a great deal of time, money, and hassle after your purchase.

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When you sign up for internet service a lot of companies will try to sell or rent you a modem. They will tell you that theirs is the best, or that you have to buy from them to ensure that your service works correctly. But this is rarely if ever true.

Save yourself some money and go buy a wireless modem yourself. It could be as much as half off what the internet companies are trying to charge you. And they are easy to find used too so you might be able to save even more.


I have had a number of different wireless modems and I have never noticed any difference between them. It seems like in general they are all the same and what is important is the speed and quality of the internet you are being provided.

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