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How do I Choose the Best CPU Mount?

Ray A. Kampa
Ray A. Kampa

The computer has become ubiquitous in our lives, and this has led to a wide variety of central processing unit (CPU) mounts available on the market. CPU mounts are made for offices, other work environments and vehicles. Exactly which CPU mount solution is best for you depends on your needs. Most people will find the floor models sufficient, but others might want a wall mount to save space beneath the desk or table. If the job requires a standing position and moving around, a fully mobile cart solution would be the best.

When most people think of a CPU mount, they envision a cheap plastic fixture that holds the standard-sized desktop tower beneath the desk and having not much more capability than holding the tower upright just a little more securely. If jarred hard enough, the tower will come crashing down, which is never good for hard drives and other components. Additionally, the way that many CPUs are built makes them top-heavy because multiple disk drives are placed toward the top of the tower. The old plastic fixtures are simply not enough in many situations.

A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
A Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Far more secure mounting equipment can be used. A CPU mount can be as simple as nylon straps or more complex for mounting to an upright pole. Others screw in beneath a table. The traditional method of putting the CPU beneath the desk can now be done with fixtures that hold the tower securely and give an amount of cable control.

CPU mount carts also support monitors, keyboards and mouse devices. Some require that the keyboard have a touchpad or other pointing device built into the keyboard. The more sophisticated carts support multiple monitors as well.


A variation on this theme is the vehicle laptop mount. These mounts should not require any drilling to install. The type that mounts beneath the passenger seat using the existing bolts for the seat works the best. The downside is that the mount has to be made for your model of vehicle, and not all models are covered.

The vehicle CPU mount should be flexible enough to allow both the passenger and driver to use the laptop. Keep in mind that driving and using a laptop at the same time is very dangerous. Pulling over and parking before using the laptop is the safest thing to do and avoids any conflict with laws regarding the use of electronic devices while driving.

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    • A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
      By: Gudellaphoto
      A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
    • A CPU.
      By: NorGal
      A CPU.