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How do I Choose the Best CPU Stand?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

When buying a CPU stand, you should take into consideration your other furniture and equipment. It's also important to consider where it will be placed and how it will be cleaned. Also, remember to consider access to the CPU’s ports if you use them regularly.

Choosing a CPU stand that matches your other furniture may be important, especially if it will be used at a business where it will be visible to clients. Matching does not necessarily mean it must be the exact color or material. You could, for example, have cherry office furniture and purchase a black metal CPU stand. Just make sure your choice does not look tacky.

A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
A Central Processing Unit (CPU).

The area where the CPU stand will be placed should be taken into consideration. Choosing a stand that is too big for the area in which it is placed can be just as unsightly as choosing a stand that does not match. Furthermore, it can affect your productivity by making your work area uncomfortable. Certain models of CPU stands may require you to measure the area where you plan to put them.

CPU -- or central processing unit -- chips are used in many computing devices.
CPU -- or central processing unit -- chips are used in many computing devices.

When you purchase your CPU stand you may want to consider factors other than its appearance. For example, one thing you need to consider is cleaning. If you choose an option that is low to the floor, it is likely that you will either need to move it or to exert additional effort to clean under it. Instead of creating this type of work for yourself, choose a stand that is either high enough that you can easily clean under it or one that rests completely on the floor.

CPU stands that have wheels can also make cleaning easier. Furthermore, these are good options for people who regularly need access to the ports at the back of the unit. Rolling CPU stands usually support the unit from the bottom without anything covering the back or sides, giving you easy access. The wheels can allow you to easily position the CPU when you are connecting or disconnecting equipment.

Adjustability can be important if you choose a CPU stand designed to hold the unit snugly. All units are not the same size and you may eventually want to purchase a new one. With a bit of foresight, you can avoid the need to purchase a new stand as well.

Expense is another thing to consider. Purchasing furniture for the parts of your computer separately can cost more than choosing a piece of furniture that will accommodate everything. When you are shopping, consider buying a desk or work station that has a built-in CPU stand. Even if you already have your desk, before you purchase the stand, consider what other equipment, such as fax machines or printers, that you need a storage solution for and try to purchase one item that will accommodate them all.

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    • A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
      By: Gudellaphoto
      A Central Processing Unit (CPU).
    • CPU -- or central processing unit -- chips are used in many computing devices.
      By: Oleksiy Mark
      CPU -- or central processing unit -- chips are used in many computing devices.