How Do I Choose the Best Dry Cell Battery?

Amy Rodriguez

The best dry cell battery depends on a number of different factors, including intended frequency of use and size. You should also consider purchasing these in bulk if you will be using them on a continual basis. Before purchasing, it is good practice to visually inspect the batteries to ensure that there are no leaks or bulges along the exterior surface.

A dry cell battery.
A dry cell battery.

A dry cell battery uses electrolytes in paste form to transport electricity from the storage cell to a device. As a result, battery manufacturers offer two different forms of storage cells, either rechargeable or single use. A rechargeable dry cell battery is a better choice for devices that consume a lot of electrical power, such as a digital camera; these can be charged numerous times so that you do not need to constantly replace them. You should keep in mind that rechargeable batteries are usually more expensive than single use types, but they will save you money over time.

Single-use dry cell batteries are made for remote controls and similar devices.
Single-use dry cell batteries are made for remote controls and similar devices.

Single use batteries are often used for low energy consumption devices, like a television remote control. These must be disposed of properly after one use; they cannot be recharged. Many consumers use single use batteries as a backup alternative to rechargeable varieties. For example, if you find that the rechargeable batteries in your camera are out of power when you are outside, you can change to single use versions to power the device until you can charge the others.

The best dry cell battery also depends on the size needed; each device uses a different size, based on the original engineering design. You must use the battery designated by the manufacturer to safely power the internal circuitry. Typical sizes can include AA, C, and D types. Before purchasing any batteries, you should check the device's manual for the size designation.

If you intend on using a lot of batteries, especially if they are single use, you should consider purchasing them in bulk. Many businesses use batteries on a daily basis; purchasing in bulk is normally less expensive than buying small quantities at a time. Battery manufacturers will typically negotiate pricing with a business since they would like to retain the business in the future.

Manufacturers commonly have strict quality assurance processes; however, you should still inspect each purchased battery to make sure that there are no defects. Any unusual bulges or leaks from the dry cell battery can cause burns and other injuries to handlers. You should notify the vendor of any problems immediately.

D cell batteries are a common type and size of battery.
D cell batteries are a common type and size of battery.

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