How Do I Choose the Best Hat with Headphones?

H. Bliss

When deciding on a hat with headphones, there are three important points to consider: fit, look, and speaker quality. Choose a hat style that fits with the style of clothing you will have on when wearing it. When you are buying them in a store, make sure you test the hats by trying them on and listening to the headphones to ensure that they put out quality sound. Ensure that the headphones used in the hat are good headphones, and that they can be removed so you can wash the hat. When stores do not have the right hat for you, custom headphone hats can be made or ordered to meet requirements for specific sizes, colors, or styles.

Some hats with headphones have a storage pocket for small mp3 players.
Some hats with headphones have a storage pocket for small mp3 players.

Make sure the speakers in your hat with headphones fit over your ears and that the hat is comfortable. If the speakers are too close to each other or too far apart, they will make the sound muddy because it will be playing through your head rather than into your ears. Pockets for holding small mp3 players can also be helpful feature if you are planning to use the hat with an mp3 player.

Hard hats and headphones may be worn by construction workers.
Hard hats and headphones may be worn by construction workers.

Speaker quality is also important when choosing a hat with headphones. When speakers are as close to your head as they are in a hat with headphones, low quality speakers become more noticeable. If you can, visit an electronics store and try out a headphone hat before you buy it to ensure that the speakers sound good and are in a good location for your ears.

Finding a fashionable hat with headphones can be difficult. Most headphone hats are simple beanies with earbud headphones. A wearer who wants a special type of hat with headphones can often make a unique fashion headphone hat system by choosing a suitable hat, then using a clip-on adapter to attach the headphones to the hat.

When the right fashion of hat with headphones is difficult to find, many types of headphones are designed to be worn with hats. Besides earbuds, the best types of headphones to wear with hats are those that attach by cradling the neck, which is a more comfortable place to rest the strap when wearing almost any type of hat. Sometimes, if you have a spare pair of headphones and the right kind of hat, the best kind of headphone hat can be one you made yourself.

Sometimes, hardhats with headphones are used by construction workers and other people who need hardhats for their jobs. These not usually used to listen to music, but for communication and hearing protection in dangerous work locations. Normally, the hardhat is purchased separately from the headphones, which are specially designed to fit snugly with a hardhat.

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