What is an MP3 Player?

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MPEG-1, Layer 3 (MP3) is a standard for digital audio compression that has been defined by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). An MP3 file is an audio file that has been compressed using this standard. Strictly speaking, an MP3 player is an electronic device that is made especially for playing these files. In a general sense, however, any electronic device for playing digital audio files might be referred to as an MP3 player, regardless of the actual type of digital files that it plays.

Handheld MP3 player with earbud headphones.
Handheld MP3 player with earbud headphones.

Sizes and Memory

MP3 players come in many sizes and storage capacities, but they typically are portable devices that are small enough to fit easily in the user's hand. Most have enough memory to store hundreds or even thousands of digital audio files, which usually are songs. The files usually are placed in an MP3 player's memory by connecting it to a computer and transferring the files to the device. Some advanced models of MP3 players, however, might allow the user to download the files directly from the Internet.

Most MP3 players come with earphones.
Most MP3 players come with earphones.

The smallest MP3 players use a type of memory known as flash. Flash is very compact and uses very little power, allowing for extremely small designs with long battery life. The limitation of flash-based MP3 players is that they do not have a great deal of storage capacity. For larger storage needs, hard disk-based MP3 players were developed. These can have storage capacities of more than 10,000 songs, but they must be larger than flash-based players and generally are more expensive.

Any electronic device for playing digital audio files might be referred to as an MP3 player.
Any electronic device for playing digital audio files might be referred to as an MP3 player.

Features and Accessories

Many MP3 players have small screens that tell the user the name of the song and other information about it. The screen also might serve as a user interface, allowing the user to execute commands or choose various options. Some of these devices even have touchscreens, which allow their users to tap directly on the screens to make choices or execute commands instead of pressing buttons elsewhere on the devices. Most of these devices come with earphones, and some models have built-in speakers that allow users to listen to MP3s without having to wear earphones.

Digital Hubs

Some non-portable MP3 players also have been developed. Sometimes referred to as digital hubs or media centers, these devices are crosses between stereo components and computers. With network connections — often wireless — they are able to access MP3s and other digital content stored on computers on the network. With a full array of standard audiovisual connections, they are able to integrate with home entertainment systems. These devices typically come with remote controls and might use televisions as display screens for menus and playback information.

One advantage of these digital hubs is that more than one device can access the files at the same time. All of the files can be stored in the hub, and MP3 players that have wireless connectivity can access the files. This essentially turns an MP3 collection into a music library that has multiple copies of every song.

Music may be downloaded onto a personal computer before being transferred to an MP3 player.
Music may be downloaded onto a personal computer before being transferred to an MP3 player.

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@eradford: If by "memory sticks," you mean flash drives, you should be able to plug them into your computer, then plug your mp3 player into your computer, and drag and drop the files from the flash drives on to your player. If the files then show up when you turn on your player, they should play just fine. Good luck!


I found out by accident that my old MP3 player works as a plug and play in my car radio. It's safer to use than an expensive ipod, but I have a number of plug and play memory sticks and wonder how to convert them to mp3 so I can create a few that have different music and can change and also leave in the car with no worries. Any ideas?


Nobody uses MP3 players anymore. It's gone the way of the 8 track.


I just got myself an mp3 player. For some reason, when I upload my songs, which sound totally fine when played on my laptop, to the player, the sound is awful and there is no bass. Is there something wrong with my player or is it supposed to sound like that?


I have the same questions as others above. Is an MP3 like an ipod? What are the difference? Are they easy for a non-tech person? Do they come with earphones? If yes, can one listen to music without earphones plugged in? Is it easy to download music from one's computer? I'd like to select singles from different CDs without purchasing the whole CD. Any info will help. Please! Thanks!


can you record from an outside source, i.e., someone playing an instrument on Mp3 or Ipod?


I never used a Mp3 player, but now I need one for this workout that they talk to you while you are doing it. I never got one. how do I use it and what kind do I buy? please help me.


what is the difference between an mp3 player and an mp4 player?


Can I download any CD e.g. spoken word like relaxation cd from my computer on to Apple Shuffle player?


Anon53011, it really depends on how much money you want to spend. The iPod is quite a bit more expensive than an mp3 player. As I understand it, an mp3 player will do nearly everything an iPod will, but they are much cheaper.

Either device is good for using while you're exercising. The music won't skip, no matter what you're doing.


I want to listen to music while exercising. Which is better to have, an ipod, or an mp3 player? I don't know the difference.


This may seem like an archaic concept, but can you access AM or FM radio stations from either the ipod or the MP3 player? Just an uncomplicated, simple yes or no for each item would be most appreciated.


i have a website that has articles that are available to download on an MP3. am i able to download these onto my computer or do i buy an MP3? i am confused about this. i have an hp pavilion a500n computer.

any help is appreciated


Any type of i-pod you need. Anywhere you go. Find your mp3, cell phones.. etc today.


Novice to all this stuff, but want to know if you can download radio programs onto mp3 player.


do you have a monthly bill with a mp3 player?


what is difference between mp3 player and ipod?


how do I download music onto an MP3 player?


Does Ipod have FM facility also along with MO#

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