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How Do I Choose the Best Motion Tracking Software?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Motion tracking software is used in 3D motion, movies and military applications by capturing the movements of a person and applying the motion data into a computer. Being able to capture motion, without the use of special trackers or suits, will help increase efficiency and allows anyone to use the motion tracking software without requiring a special setup. The ability to track motion in already filmed video offers the advantage of receiving the same motion data and allows editors to stabilize the footage. Inverse dynamics collection includes force and torsion, and is necessary in building a realistic 3D model. Accuracy should be down to the millimeter, so there are no flaws when capturing the motion.

In the past, motion tracking software used complex tracker units and suits to capture motion information. Advanced software is able to capture the same data without the use of suits and trackers. This software is usually more accurate, but it also offers another advantage: It can be used by anyone. Without the need for suits, this software can be used in museums, arcades and clubs, and anyone can interact with it immediately, making customer service better and creating a more entertaining experience.

A video camera can be used for tracking human motions.
A video camera can be used for tracking human motions.

Most motion tracking software concerns itself with tracking motion from fresh footage, but there are programs that can track motion from already filmed footage. This allows the user to use footage from other sources to mine data, and it offers several other advantages. Camera shakiness can be stabilized so it only focuses on the area being captured, and the motion can easily be applied to other sources of footage within seconds.

After motion data are captured, they are generally applied to 3D models that mimic the movement. For an effective 3D model that interacts with its digital environment, more than just motion is needed; inverse dynamics are needed as well. These measurements include force, impact, torsion and other dynamic aspects of the entire motion cycle. A motion tracking software that can capture these aspects will make it easier to create models that realistically interact within an environment.

One of the most basic elements needed for an effective motion capture program is accuracy. If the motions are inaccurately captured, it can lead to awkward looking models or mess up an entire scene, depending on how the model is used. The best motion capture software will be able to capture motion within millimeters of the actual motion. Users should look for software that can do this, because it will promote accurate 3D renderings of the motion.

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    • A video camera can be used for tracking human motions.
      By: remedia
      A video camera can be used for tracking human motions.