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How Do I Choose the Best TV Screen Protector?

Choosing the best TV screen protector involves considering size compatibility, material durability, and clarity. Opt for a protector that matches your screen's dimensions, offers robust protection against impacts, and maintains image quality. Remember, a good protector should be an invisible shield, enhancing your viewing experience without distraction. Curious about the latest in screen protection technology? Dive deeper to safeguard your entertainment investment.
Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

In order to choose the best television (TV) screen protector, it is necessary to consider factors such as the size of your screen, where it is located and what it needs to be protected from. TV screen protectors are available in a number of different thicknesses and materials, and can also be treated to reduce glare. A thicker TV screen protector can stand up to more abuse, but may also interfere with the image. Glare-reducing screen protectors may also result in slightly fuzzier images, though they can be necessary in rooms where there is a lot of natural light. Another factor to consider is the method used to mount a unit to your television, since you may occasionally need to remove a TV screen protector to clean its inside face.

Television screen protectors are typically panels of a rigid acrylic material that can prevent damage from a variety of sources. These protective screens are often necessary in homes with pets and small children, as modern flat screen televisions can be very easy to damage. In order to choose the best TV screen protector, you may want to first consider what you are attempting to protect your television from.

A TV with a screen protector.
A TV with a screen protector.

Thin protective screens typically offer less of a reduction in the quality of a television image, but they often provide less protection against damage as well. If there are no children or pets present in your home or business, it may be safe to choose a thinner TV screen protector. This should also be your first choice if the image quality of your TV is very important to you. Thicker screen protectors typically still provide a watchable image, though they can also prevent damage from objects striking or being thrown at the television screen. In the case of a very expensive television set, this type of TV screen protector may provide some much needed peace of mind.

There are also other factors to consider when looking for a TV screen protector. In most cases, you should look for a screen protector that does not provide anti-glare protection. This type of treatment can result in a blurry image, and in many cases anti-glare protection is unnecessary. The slight decrease in image quality can be worth it in some cases though, such as if there is a window or skylight in your television room. These natural sources of light can render a television unwatchable without proper blinds or curtains, in which case an anti-glare TV screen protector may be very helpful.

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Discussion Comments


I want a screen protector just to prevent fingerprints. But does a screen protector create any problems in terms of trapping heat from the TV?


@ankara-- I just got a screen protector online last week. I don't want to be advertising the brand but it's definitely possible to find all of these qualities in one screen protector.

The one I have is made of heavy duty clear acrylic. It doesn't change the picture quality and there is no glare. The best part about it is that it attaches very easily and looks like it's part of the TV. It just attaches to the sides and detaches easily too.

I'm very happy that I got it. I have little ones at home too and my flat screen was very expensive so I don't want to take any chances.


My toddler is fond of throwing toys at the TV screen. I have been delaying getting a screen protector because the quality is important for me. Is there a screen protector that's both heavy duty and that doesn't mess with the picture quality?

Appearance is important for me as well. I don't want something ugly. Any suggestions?

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    • A TV with a screen protector.
      A TV with a screen protector.