What is a Laptop Screen Protector?

Ken Black

A laptop screen protector is a piece of film usually placed over the screen of a laptop in order to reduce chances of damage to the screen. In addition, it has a number of other features and the material is usually made from an anti-glare film which helps reduce eye strain and could help increase productivity. In addition, the anti-reflective film properties of the screen protector help keep background light reflection to a minimum.

Laptop screen protectors help prevent others from seeing information displayed on the computer's screen.
Laptop screen protectors help prevent others from seeing information displayed on the computer's screen.

Many laptop screen protector manufacturers often stress the protector's privacy abilities. Many times, a laptop computer is used around others, and some of the information being displayed is not for others to see. Therefore, to ensure that curious eyes do not wander to the screen, a screen protector film will create a screen door effect, much like already naturally exists on LCD screens, but to a greater degree. This effect will minimize the viewing angles so that the display is not as easily seen.

A laptop screen protector may help reduce eye strain.
A laptop screen protector may help reduce eye strain.

Due to the various nature of materials that can be used in a laptop screen protector, the durability varies widely. Some screen protectors may be no more than a thin piece of plastic film. Others can be much more substantial, including having multiple layers, even a hard outer layer. Depending on the material, the use and abuse, a screen protector can last anywhere from a few weeks to two years or even longer.

In addition to the benefits to the computer hardware, the laptop screen protector can also provide a number of benefits to the user. Those who suffer from eye strain from looking at a computer for too long may find that a such a screen protector will help substantially. However, making other adjustments should also not be overlooked, including giving the eyes plenty of rest at least a few minutes every hour.

It should be possible to find laptop screen protectors for sale wherever computer accessories are sold. From office supply stores to electronics shops, they are a common item. It is important to find the ones right for your particular computer model. This includes not only looking for one the size of the screen but also the shape of the screen. While most laptop screens are now widescreen models, laptop computers may also be made for the more traditional screens. A laptop screen protector starts at approximately $25 US Dollars (USD) and goes up from there. Higher-priced models may include such features as the privacy option.

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I am using an "ocushield" screen protector for my Laptop. Actually I am using this screen protector to save my eyes from harmful blue light. As we know that, all modern digital devices produce harmful blue light. This short wavelength light is known to cause eye strain and fatigue, as well as to increase the likelihood of eye diseases.


I use a ViewGuard Anti-Glare Filter. Works great.


I have used the Shaggymac laptop screen protectors with all my laptops since 2004. This is the microfiber type of screen protector. It protects and cleans the laptop screens.

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