How do I Choose the Best VOIP ISP?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service allows you to make phone calls using broadband Internet service. Like most services, there are different providers from which you can choose to get VoIP service. To choose the best VoIP Internet service provider (ISP), you’ll typically need to look for a company that has a good reputation for providing quality, reliable service. You may also consider the features a VoIP ISP offers as well as the rates it charges for service. Additionally, you may consider whether you will receive unlimited long-distance calling from a VoIP ISP as well as whether or not you’ll be able to take your VoIP service with you when you travel.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

The quality and reliability of VoIP service is likely to be one of the top issues on your mind as you compare companies and attempt to choose the best VoIP ISP. You may do well to read a review of VoIP services and ask friends and family members for recommendations. While you may not find a provider that is perfect at all times, you will usually want to choose the service that delivers the best sound quality on a consistent basis and provides functional service for the majority of the time. You may also consider a company’s customer service and technical support in your decision making. Choosing a company with a positive track record for providing customer service and technical support may mean you’ll have an easier time getting help when you need it.

The features a VoIP ISP offers may play a role in your decision making as you’re attempting to choose the best service. Some VoIP services provide a range of common phone features such as call waiting, voice mail and three-way calling along with their service. For example, a service may offer a number of features as part of a monthly package. In some cases, you may get less expensive service if you do not want as many features.

Package rates may vary when it comes to VoIP service. In general, choosing the best VoIP ISP means selecting a service that offers most of the features you need, at the lowest rates. You may also consider how long distance calls will be handled on the plan you choose. In some cases, you will get free long distance as part of a VoIP plan, but there are some plans that may limit where you can call for free. If you make a lot of long-distance calls, this may be an important factor in choosing a VoIP ISP.

Some VoIP services make it possible for you to take your VoIP service with you. This means you can take your equipment with you when you travel and use it wherever you have access to a high-speed Internet connection. This may prove important if you are a frequent traveler.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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@Markerrag -- I don't know if you can blame a VOIP provider for not knowing if your Internet service will work well with VOIP. In other words, I don't know if the VOIP company was trying to deceive you. I doubt it had a way of knowing if your network would work well with VOIP or not. Really, that is something you need to figure out on your own before buying a VOIP plan.

When you do have a network that will support VOIP well, you will be very happy with it. You will save a ton of money on phone calls and the call quality if quite good.


@Soulfox -- That is precisely why you need to do some research before installing VOIP. And I am talking about visiting with your Internet provider instead of someone who wants to sell you VOIP.

I talked to one of those VOIP types who assured me everything would be fine. So I signed up for a deal and the blasted thing didn't work as well as advertised. I figure that company was just out to make a sale and was less interested in telling me if I had a service that would work well.


My office tried broadband VOIP and learned in a hurry that one of the most important considerations is how fast your Internet connection is. Here is the thing about VOIP. You will use the Internet you already have to carry voice communications and that system will be awful if your Internet connection bogs down under regular use.

Here's what I mean. In my office, we have a decent broadband connection that is shared by six computers and about eight mobile devices (six smartphones and two tablets). When a couple of those devices were accessing the Internet, that meant that voice communications were delayed through VOIP.

The result? I heard people say everything from it sound like my voice was breaking up to people claiming it sounded like I was underwater. We wound up going back to our regular land line. VOIP did save us a lot of money, but who cares if no one can understand what you are saying when you are on the phone?

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