What Is a SIP Dialer?

Larry Ray Palmer

A SIP dialer, also called a softphone dialer, is a type of software used to place phone calls via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. SIP stands for session initiation protocol. The advantage of using this kind of call center management software is its built-in ability to work as both a unicast or multicast server. When functioning in unicast, the conversation is kept between two parties, but in multicast mode, the ability to teleconference is possible.

Call centers use SIP dialer software regularly.
Call centers use SIP dialer software regularly.

SIP software has a number of benefits, including cost effectiveness, time-saving ability, and availability. Using VoIP dialers can eliminate large phone bills by transferring the calls over Internet data lines. The ability to broadcast messages to large groups of people simultaneously saves time. These programs are also widely available for download, making them easy to access and use.

Some SIP dialers allow users to make free long-distance calls.
Some SIP dialers allow users to make free long-distance calls.

Call centers use SIP dialer software regularly. Due to its ability to function as a predictive dialer, SIP offers the business dialer a simple yet effective means to stay in communication with clients and potential customers. Once loaded into the call center computer system, the program can be used to broadcast a recorded message to thousands of recipients at once. It can also be focused to a single conversation.

While the SIP dialer is useful for call center management, it is also regularly used for other applications. Because SIP programs are easily accessible to anyone with a computer, they can equate to substantial savings on phone bills, especially for those who have family and friends in geographically diverse regions. When a SIP dialer program is installed, computer users can place voice and video calls from anywhere an Internet connection can be made. For those who have unlimited data plans for their Internet service, this equates to free long distance phone calls. These voice and video conference calls are often comparable to, if not better than, home phone service in quality, and outgoing calls can be placed to any telephone number.

The corporate world also utilizes SIP software. Because it offers voice and video conferencing capabilities, SIP can sometimes eliminate the need for overnight travel to a business meeting. Doctors sometimes use this technology to evaluate patients through video conferences. Some college courses are even taught via SIP dialer conference calls.

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