How do I Convert AVI to Mp4?

Jessica Reed

To convert AVI to MP4, a user needs to download free converter software, install it on his computer, and upload the AVI file he wants to convert. When the process finishes he can put the newly converted MP4 file onto his iPod® or other MP4 compatible device. Converting AVI to MP4 is a popular process because MP4 is supported by a number of portable devices and uses relatively low bandwidth. MP4 has risen in popularity due to its ability to provide small sized video and audio files that can transfer between many different devices and still retain good quality.

The converted file can be transferred to an iPod or other portable media device for playback on-the-go.
The converted file can be transferred to an iPod or other portable media device for playback on-the-go.

AVI, short for audio video interleave, files are usually a type of video file and were first used by Microsoft Video. Today's AVI players allow a user to download and watch AVI movies on his computer but do not allow him to convert AVI to MP4. The MP4 format, short for MPEG4 which stands for the Moving Picture Expert Group-4, is a much more widely accepted format for video and audio files. Many portable devices are also MP4 players.

When the user needs to convert AVI to MP4 so he can watch the video on an MP4 compatible device, he first needs to download a free converter. Media conversion freeware programs are available online to convert a variety of video files into other forms. The user can also search for a specific converter meant to convert AVI to MP4. He should scan the site for pictures of the software in use or a video tutorial. This gives him an idea of how easy the software is to use and whether or not he can find helpful instructions if he gets stuck.

Each program varies slightly in how it's used, but the basic concept is the same. For this reason, a user can find a simple converter instead of dealing with a complicated technical program that makes the user change all the settings manually. If he has more experience with technology, he may choose to download a converter that gives him more options and control over the technical aspects of converting the file.

After downloading and installing a conversion program, the user will open the program and choose the AVI file he wants to convert. Next he selects the output profile, which simply means he should choose MP4 as the file format he wants to convert to. He'll then need to select an output folder and file name. This chooses where he wants to save the file and what he wants to name it. After he chooses each of these items, he clicks the "Start" or "Convert" button and the conversion program will start the process to convert AVI to MP4.

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Oddly, AVI is one of the most common formats for digital video files, but the Xbox 360 is very sensitive about them. Some AVI files work without a fit on an Xbox 360 while some don't work well at all. If you have a setup in which you are streaming video to your Xbox 360 over your home network, the gaming console seems to like the MP4 format the best.

Keep that in mind if you have to convert anything to a file that will play nice with your 360.

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