What is an MP4 Editor?

Troy Holmes

There are several digital formats that are supported on the Internet for streaming audio and video. The movie pictures expert group (MPEG) 4 or MP4 is a defined standard for how digital audio and video should be created. An MP4 editor is a computer application that allows the manipulation of audio and video recordings. This typically includes mixing, cutting, and sound augmentation.

Some MP4 editing software programs are created for use in editing video MP4 files.
Some MP4 editing software programs are created for use in editing video MP4 files.

The MP4 editor program is a graphical software application that enables the mixing, saving, and management of digital audio files. This program can be used to burn CDs into a digital repository. Many people have archived their CD collections into digital formats that are stored on computer file systems. This tool makes it easier to create custom audio files, which can be used on portable digital listening devices.

Today there are many MP4 editors available, some of which are free while others require purchasing. The free versions of editing software are typically sufficient for the needs of most individuals. This software can be used to create quality digital editing of most audio and video files. These free versions of MP4 editor programs can be found throughout the Internet.

An MP4 editor program can also be used to convert other audio video formats into the MP4 protocol. This conversion is necessary because there are multiple versions of digital players currently available. Each player is built for specific operating systems and computer environments.

Windows Media Video® (WMV) is the default Microsoft® version of audio video format. The Windows® default program that supports WMV files is known as the Windows Media player®. This program is available by default on all computers that run the Windows® operating system. This media player does not support MP4 format. An MP4 editor program is a tool that converts MP4 files into WMV files. This tool can also convert WMV files into MP4 files.

Audio mixing and enhancing is a process in which multiple sounds and music files are combined to create a unique set of music. Historically this type of mixing required expensive audio equipment that was typically found in musical sound studios. Today an MP4 editor program can be used as a professional audio mixing device. This allows original music playbacks to be merged with other instruments and sound effects. With the vast availability of this new program, an aspiring artist can mix his own music in the convenience of his home.

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