What is Editing Software?

G. Wiesen

Editing software is a bit of a catchall term that can be used to refer to a large array of products used to edit various types of media. In general, it tends to refer to computer programs that can be used to edit audio, video, photographic, and graphics files. Most editing software is specific in nature and deals with a particular type of media, though some programs will allow editing of similar file types depending on the nature of the work being edited. Editing software is used in a wide array of artistic and creative professional fields and is typically a major part of the creation of film, television, music, advertising, and magazines.

Most editing software deals with a particular type of media, like film or video.
Most editing software deals with a particular type of media, like film or video.

Most computer programs used as editing software would fall into one of a number of different categories. Video editing programs, for example, are used to edit and piece together various video files to create a longer or more refined final product. This type of software can also often be used to export the resultant video file onto a media format such as a compact disc (CD) or digital versatile disc (DVD).

Editing software can help photographers emphasize certain aspects in a photo.
Editing software can help photographers emphasize certain aspects in a photo.

Audio editing software is typically used in recording, editing, and finalizing a piece of music, voice-over work, or other audio recordings. These types of programs usually allow an editor to work with audio information and manipulate it in a number of different ways. With music, this often entails cleaning up the audio quality of the music and making a more refined final product, while voice-over editing usually involves adding effects or putting different clips together to make a full audio project.

Editing software can also include multiple functions, such as some video editing programs that also allow for audio editing while compositing a final product together. Other types of editing software can be used for graphic editing such as for photographs or creating advertising and commercial artwork. Photographic editing software can be used by professional photographers looking to add effects or touch up pictures, as well as by home photography enthusiasts wanting to add a bit of professionalism to their work.

Other types of graphical editing programs are aimed more at creating graphical images for artwork or advertising. These types of programs are usually used to create original content or to add computer elements to something that was been created through a traditional medium. This graphical editing work is often seen in print advertising, comic books, and conceptual artwork used for film and video games.

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I haven't used any editing software for audio or video in a while, and when i did it was expensive software like Premiere. You might check the download section on cnet -- they provide downloads for a great deal of software, including freeware. There are also a lot of reviews from users and staff at cnet to give you an idea of how well these programs work.


For those who pursue photography as a hobby, can you offer some advice on choosing some good editing software?

I am looking into various programs, and would really like something that isn't going to break the bank. I have a decade old version of Adobe Photoshop that I am still using, but I think it is on its last legs right now. I really love the program but don't want to drop a thousand dollars on getting the newest version.

If you could recommend a free open-source software program that would do the same thing that would be much appreciated.


Can anyone recommend a good free or low-cost program for editing movies filmed for the web?

I love to create my own videos and am looking for the perfect editing software that is geared for someone who does this kind of work as a hobby.

I would like if it could include things like basic special effects like fades and the option to record audio over the video.

Also, if someone could recommend some good editing software for music that would be great too, as I like to add background music to my videos. I want to be able to play with the tempo of the songs and add elements if possible.

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