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How do I Convert MKV to Blu Ray?

J.L. Drede
J.L. Drede

It is possible to convert MKV to Blu Ray provided you have both the right software and the right hardware installed on your computer. For software, you will need a burning program that supports HD burning, the MKV format, and Blu Ray discs. For hardware, you will need an internal or external Blu Ray drive that can burn Blu Ray discs.

MKV stands for Matroska Multimedia Container. It is an open-source video standard, unlike MPEG or WMV video formats, so anyone can distribute or modify it at no cost. The name Matroska is derived from the Russian word matryoshka, which means nesting doll.

A Blu-ray® player.
A Blu-ray® player.

Of all the multimedia formats, MKV files have several advantages that others do not. It includes built-in support for multiple audio and video tracks, chapter entries, and menu systems. It can also be streamed across the Internet as well as downloaded to computers.

Although not all MKV files are in high-definition, support for HD resolution exists, which makes the ability to convert MKV to Blu Ray all the more useful. A high-definition MKV file cannot be burned to DVD without first downgrading the visual quality of the file. Blu Ray is a true high-definition format, supporting resolutions as high as 1080p.

Blu-Ray discs play movies in high definition.
Blu-Ray discs play movies in high definition.

There are many advantages to converting MKV to Blu Ray. An MKV file burned to a Blu Ray disc would be able to play in almost every Blu Ray player available. This makes the file more portable and allows anyone with a Blu Ray drive or player to view it.

The ability to convert MKV to Blu Ray is a little more complicated than just dragging the MKV file into a burnable Blu Ray disc. First you must convert the MKV file into a format that is compatible with Blu Ray players. Only then can the video be burned to disc.

Thankfully, these are programs that specialize in the ability to convert between media formats. These programs usually employ drag-and-drop functionality. Most often, all that you need to do is drag the MKV file into a the program window. Before it burns the file to Blu Ray, the file will undergo a media format conversion into a file format that is compatible with Blu Ray video.

Not all disc drives can burn Blu Rays, even if you have software that supports it. Only Blu Ray burners, sometimes labeled as BD-RE drives, can burn MKV and other video formats to a Blu Ray disc. Without these drives, it is impossible to convert MKV to Blu Ray.

Once you have both the drive and the software needed, you should also take precautions to make sure that when you convert MKV to Blu Ray there are no mistakes or errors. Burning a disc, especially a high-definition disc, is very taxing for a computer. It is best to close all non-essential programs and not use your computer at all when burning a video file to disc. This also frees up additional system resources, allowing the disc to burn faster than it would if you were using your computer during the burn.

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In order to convert MKV videos to Blu-ray, you need a Blu-ray creator.


@anon312867 -- I'd just google something like "converting blu ray to mkv open source" and look for programs with good reviews -- that's generally your best bet.


Sorry but you don't actually tell us how to convert it, program names? Specifically, any open-source ones, would be fantastic

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    • A Blu-ray® player.
      By: Intel Free Press
      A Blu-ray® player.
    • Blu-Ray discs play movies in high definition.
      By: cristi lucaci
      Blu-Ray discs play movies in high definition.