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How do I Convert MKV to DVD?

Converting MKV files to DVD format is a straightforward process involving video conversion software. Choose a reliable program that supports MKV to DVD conversion, ensuring quality retention. After importing your MKV file, select DVD as the output format, customize settings if needed, and initiate the conversion. Ready to preserve your high-definition memories for a lifetime? Let's explore the best tools for the job.
I. Ong
I. Ong

Converting a Matroska video (MKV) file to a digital versatile disc (DVD) file can be done with ease by means of a downloaded program. Programs that convert one file format to another can be found on the Internet, and many of them are free. These are designed so that the user can convert a file with only a few clicks and minimum confusion. However, before proceeding to convert MKV to DVD, you should take note of the pros and cons of each file format.

MKV is a category of Matroska Multimedia Container file. The name “Matroska” is a derivation of the Russian matryoshka dolls, which are dolls of varying sizes made to fit inside each other. The Matroska file format received its name because the Extensible Binary Meta Language (EBML) on which it was based was perceived by its creator to be the same in architecture as the Russian nesting dolls. MKV is a highly flexible file format that allows for editing while retaining superior video quality, as well as maintaining backward compatibility with old software. This file format is quite popular for streaming online and video editing.

A stack of DVDs.
A stack of DVDs.

DVD is a storage format for optical discs that are able to contain six times as much data as compact discs (CDs). It does not have the same editing capabilities as the Matroska file format, nor the extreme backward compatibility. It serves, however, to deliver the same high video quality as the Matroska file format and allows for easy storage in physical containers such as optical discs. This clears up a good deal of hard drive space when the video file is transferred to the disc, and the video still can be viewed easily just by playing the disc. Any user who no longer needs to edit a video file and simply wishes to keep the video for viewing purposes will find that converting MKV to DVD will suit him or her best.

To convert MKV to DVD, you need to first search for the appropriate program online. Make sure that the program supports MKV as a source file format and DVD as an output file format. After doing so, download the program from a trustworthy site and install it on your computer.

Launch the program upon finishing installation, and select the MKV file you wish to convert. If you wish to change some of the settings, be sure to read the documentation before doing so. Note that you can set the quality of the output file, and that the higher the quality of the file, the larger the file will be. After you have configured the program settings, set the save location of the file. You can then click the proper command button to convert MKV to DVD.

After you convert MKV to DVD, you might wish to transfer your new DVD file to an optical disc. To do so, you can simply place an optical disc in your DVD drive. Simply drag the DVD file to the disc's folder or icon, and your computer will start the process of transferring the file. This method will use the optical disc as a storage format rather than actually creating a movie disc that can be played on a DVD player. The disc will be able to hold more content in this manner, and the videos can be viewed on the computer when the disc is inserted.

If you wish to create a movie disc that can be played on a DVD player, you will need to download a program that can burn a video file to a disc. Many such programs are freeware, and creating the movie disc with such programs takes only a few clicks. Install the program, select your DVD file and configure the settings if you wish.

Place a disc in your computer’s DVD drive. Make sure that the optical disc in your DVD drive is large enough for the file before clicking the command button your program to start creating the movie disc. After it is finished, your movie disc will be ready for playing on your DVD player.

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    • A stack of DVDs.
      A stack of DVDs.