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How do I Convert MKV to WMV?

Converting MKV to WMV is a breeze with the right software. Choose a reliable video converter, upload your MKV file, select WMV as the output format, and hit convert. Within minutes, your video is ready for any WMV-compatible device. Curious about the best converters and tips for a flawless transition? Dive deeper into our comprehensive guide for all the details.
I. Ong
I. Ong

If you wish to convert a Matroska video (MKV) file to a Windows Media® Video (WMV) file, this can be done easily with the help of a downloaded program. Programs that convert MKV to WMV can be found online, and many of these are free. Using these programs, you can convert MKV to WMV with just a few clicks. It is advisable for you, however, to know the pros and cons of each file format before doing so.

MKV is a type of Matroska Multimedia Container file. The name “Matroska” is an Anglicization of matryoshka dolls, which are hollow Russian dolls of decreasing sizes made to fit inside each other in a nesting manner. The Matroska file was so named because the Extensible Binary Meta Language on which it is based was said by its creator to be similar in architecture to the Russian nesting dolls. MKV is an extremely flexible file format, allowing the user to edit the video with ease while still retaining backward compatibility with old software.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

WMV is a file format created by the software company Microsoft Corporation and first designed for video files streamed on the Internet. As WMV underwent changes over the years, a later version of WMV, WMV 9, was developed with an eye toward containing high-definition videos with high resolutions. WMV was then judged to have an excellent format for physical delivery and was used to create digital versatile discs (DVDs) and Blu-ray Discs™. Note that WMV is a required video codec for certain online stores and gadgets. Anyone who wishes to store a high-definition video on a disc or view it on some gadgets therefore would do well to convert the file to WMV format first.

To convert MKV to WMV, first search for a file conversion program online. Confirm that it supports MKV as a source file format and WMV as an output file format. After doing so, proceed with downloading the program from a trusted website.

After installing the program, launch it and select your MKV file as the source file. You will be able to configure many details, such as the frame rate, encoding mode and bit rate. If you are uncertain of the correct settings, be sure to read the documentation for the program before changing the default settings.

Choose the save location for your output file. Click the proper command button to begin the conversion process, and the program will convert MKV to WMV. After it has finished, your new WMV file will be ready for watching or storing on your computer or a disc.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer