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How do I Convert MP3 to WAV?

Phil Shepley
Phil Shepley

Several items and steps are necessary to convert MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) audio files to Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) audio files. The process usually requires basic computer skills, including Internet skills and the ability to download and run files. A computer program will be needed to do the actual converting.

There are several things to keep in mind before converting MP3 to WAV files. The first is that MP3 files are compressed, which basically means they are smaller than their source files. The source files are often large WAV files. This is important because MP3s are a lossy music format, which means much of their quality is lost when compressed. A caveat about converting MP3s back to WAVs is that the quality of the files likely will not be fully restored, even if the file size of the converted WAV file is larger than the source MP3. Be sure the MP3 is of high enough quality for its intended use as a WAV file before you convert it.

An MP3 player.
An MP3 player.

One common reason to convert MP3 to WAV is to transfer music to a compact disc (CD) so it can be played in a standard CD player. When an MP3 file, or group of files, is burned to a CD that can be played in most players, they are typically written on the CD as WAV files. Therefore, one easy way to convert MP3 to WAV files is to make a CD of them. A rewritable CD (CD-RW) may be a good choice for the job since it can be reused.

Converting an MP3 to a WAV file allows music to be transferred to a CD.
Converting an MP3 to a WAV file allows music to be transferred to a CD.

To convert MP3 to WAV formats, you'll need a program capable of performing the conversion. Many computers come with an audio program installed that will allow a user to burn a CD. This program will convert MP3 to WAV. Before burning the CD, check the settings of the burning program to ensure they are being written as WAV files.

If such an audio program is not installed, there are many available for download or purchase. Many free file converters also are available and can be found on the Internet through a simple search engine query. Caution must be practiced, however, since many executable files can come bundled with unnecessary spyware, adware, or worse—computer viruses. Always make sure to download from a trusted site.

Once you've found a reputable site and downloaded your file converter, run it. A good program will be simple to use, and most of the time the process for converting between audio formats will be self-explanatory. Many downloading sites offer customer reviews that will tell you how simple or complicated a given file converter is to use. Seek one that involves little more than dragging the MP3s into it, selecting them, and then telling the program to convert the files to WAV formats. Also be sure that afterward you are able to discern between the source and output files so you know which ones are which.

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    • An MP3 player.
      By: ambrits
      An MP3 player.
    • Converting an MP3 to a WAV file allows music to be transferred to a CD.
      By: Patryk Kosmider
      Converting an MP3 to a WAV file allows music to be transferred to a CD.