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How do I Find a Printer IP Address?

Discovering your printer's IP address is simpler than it seems. Typically, it's found within the printer's menu under 'Network Settings' or 'Printer Information.' Alternatively, you can check your computer's control panel or use a command prompt. Each method ensures seamless connectivity for efficient printing. Curious about the step-by-step process? Let's dive deeper into each approach to keep your workflow smooth.
Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland

Finding a printer IP address is helpful for many reasons. Aside from simply knowing your computer inside and out, it can help you troubleshoot simple network problems and avoid needing to call a technician for help. Finding the IP address of a printer is a simple process that requires no more than a few button clicks and a familiarity with your computer's desktop. Even beginning computer users will be able to navigate to the address properly by knowing where to look.

The term "IP address" stands for an Internet Protocol address. This is a numerical code assigned by the administrator or server to individual electronic devices. Its purpose is to identify a specific device, such as a network printer, among all of the options. IP addresses help a computer communicate directly with a specific printer so that printed material does not come out of the wrong printer.

A printer.
A printer.

You must know your way around your computer's desktop in order to find your printer's IP address on a personal computer (PC). This does not mean that you must be able to write code or repair it, just that you need to know what some of the more technical but user-friendly aspects of Windows® are. These generally are easy to access through the Start menu.

Printer problems can be identified using its IP address.
Printer problems can be identified using its IP address.

Finding the Control Panel is the essential first step. The Control Panel is one of the primary choices available in the Start Menu options located in the lower left hand corner of Windows®. Within the Control Panel, you will find many icons and options. You must locate the one labeled "Printers," "Printers and Scanners," or "Devices and Printers," although within some versions of Windows, it is within "Hardware and Sound." Many times, this will be a small icon of a printer.

Under this option, you will see a listing of several printers. There will be an entry for each printer that your computer is attached to within its network. Right-click on the printer you are searching for, and a small menu of options will appear above the area you clicked. Select "Properties" from this list of options.

Within "Properties," you easily will be able to discover your printer IP address. You will find another small menu of options. Scroll through the choices until you see one labeled "Ports." Left-click this option, and the IP address will be listed. It will consist of several numbers.

Macintosh® computers operate slightly differently, but they offer the same simplicity. Open the Application folder within the Macintosh Hard Drive folder in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Inside this folder, you will find the Utilities option, double-click this, then click on "Printer Setup Utility." There will be many options to choose from on this list, but this will look like a small printer. All network printers will be listed on a new screen with their IP addresses.

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@robert13 - Yes, it should be pretty simple. Find the IP address the way it explains in this article (sometimes the default IP address will even be printed on the box the printer came in, or perhaps the manual), then it's a simple matter of heading to "Add Printer" in your control panel and typing in the information. Let me know if you need any more help.


I'm trying to add a printer to my Windows network. Do I do this by finding out the IP address of the printer?

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    • A printer.
      A printer.
    • Printer problems can be identified using its IP address.
      By: iinspiration
      Printer problems can be identified using its IP address.