How do I Locate Free WiFi® Hotspots?

R. Kayne

As online activities become increasingly integrated with real world activities, the number of places you can get free wireless access is growing. Several types of wireless adapters can detect wireless networks, and there are also website directories dedicated to locating free WiFi® hotspots in any given area around the world.

A wireless router.
A wireless router.

When possible, locate hotspots before leaving home. You can check one or more websites that host hotspot directories. Enter local area information (address or zip code) to see results. Most sites allow you to set an allowable search range, such as looking for free WiFi® areas “within one mile” (1.61 km) of the target area. Results display as hyperlinked names of each establishment. Clicking on a result will take you to a page with the address, phone number, and a road map. Details about the type of network (e.g. standard 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n) are also commonly provided.

Hotels are one possible source of WiFi® hotspots.
Hotels are one possible source of WiFi® hotspots.

If planning a vacation or business trip, search for free WiFi® hotspots in advance by entering the zip code of the location you’ll be visiting. It’s always a good idea to have backup hotspots in case the one you plan to use is down for any reason.

Many public places will advertise or post signs indicating they have free wifi in order to attract more customers.
Many public places will advertise or post signs indicating they have free wifi in order to attract more customers.

While directories make every attempt to be accurate, businesses come and go, ownership or management changes, and networks get upgraded or changed from one standard to another, for instance, or from a free hotspot to a pay-for-service. If access will be critical, call establishments you plan to use ahead of time to verify that free WiFi® hotspots are available. If your internal network card can only connect to a single protocol, such as 802.11g, be sure to ask if the network is broadcast in the protocol your card supports.

Some people use a mobile hotspot when on the road.
Some people use a mobile hotspot when on the road.

Planning ahead is nice but not always possible. If you find yourself in the city with need of ad-hoc access, you have some options. Cruising through commercial areas with a WiFi® finder can be a big help.

A WiFi® finder is a radio frequency (RF) device that scans the airwaves looking for WiFi® broadcasts, some models flashing graduating LED lights to lead the user towards greater signal strength. A WiFi® finder can be a small battery-operated device that hangs on a key chain. These devices allow you to find free WiFi® hotspots without powering up the laptop. Other models include USB dongles that might double as external network cards. A WiFi® finder is best used by a passenger in the vehicle.

If you don’t own a WiFi® finder and have not scouted free WiFi® areas ahead of time, upscale coffee shops like Starbucks® are often wired and easy to find, as are many large bookstore chains that include coffee counters. Airports and hotels are other possible sources for online access. If needed, consult a phone book at a pay phone for the nearest places most likely to have free WiFi® hotspots. Online access might be noted in the advertisements for some of these businesses. The municipality itself might provide a free wireless access point near the civic center, library or other city building. If your need arises during business hours, call city services to ask.

On a technical note, the Wi-Fi® Alliance is an organization that provides international standards for wireless protocols. Only a network composed of Wi-Fi-certified components is a true Wi-Fi® network or Wi-Fi® hotspot, while the public has adopted the term “WiFi” as a generic descriptor of any wireless network, regardless of the type of hardware used.

Tablets have built in Wi-Fi monitoring software to detect local netowkrs.
Tablets have built in Wi-Fi monitoring software to detect local netowkrs.

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I have found useful Internet search choices that you can do in a certain geographical location to identify where the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspots are available. By simply looking up on the Internet before you go somewhere you can quickly identify what the easiest location and closest and most convenient access is to obtain free Wi-Fi Internet access.

You would be amazed at the amount of information you can find on the Internet that people have posted about their found free Wi-Fi hotspots. Not only are publicly advertised hotspots available, but also open Wi-Fi Internet access points that have been discovered by users roaming the streets. Please remember that it is illegal to use somebody else's Internet unless you have permission.

It is very easy these days to take advantage of people's free Wi-Fi hotspots even if they do not intend on you been able to login to their wireless router. I think people give a little bit too much credit to others about their honesty and sincerity so please be careful if you do have wireless Internet router.


I've always had the best luck locating free Wi-Fi hotspots by going to coffee shops and cafés. It seems that most of these types of businesses want to attract into your customers and with the use of free Internet services. Luckily the town I live in has a huge amount of cafés that offer free Wi-Fi Internet access for the public infer guest services.

If you're always on the lookout for both coffee and free Wi-Fi cafés make great free WiFi hotspots.

One nice thing about going to a café is not only the fact that you can get a tasty cup of coffee or espresso but also the fact that you can use your Internet for free.


I am one of those people but never pays for the Internet, the only time I'm forced to do so is what I need at my house absolutely have to have a connection. That is the case right now, but what I do is buy the cheapest one available from any Internet service provider.

Because of my desire to be able to go out into the workplace or any place for that matter and use the Internet I am constantly on the search for a Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi Internet is incredible, I can even imagine being able to work in a mobile environment without access to it and the absolute versatility that gives me and my daily doings.

Free Wi-Fi locations are not that hard to find and as I explore any area that I am living, I am constantly discovering new spots. If you're tech savvy, these kind of things and looking for free WiFi hotspots just comes naturally.

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