How do I Uninstall a Virtual Machine?

Jason Candanedo

The process to uninstall a virtual machine is as simple as initially installing one. For a virtual machine application, some host machines might contain a quick process that can be accessed by any user who wants to uninstall a virtual machine. If the host machine does not contain this process, the application can be removed through its main folder on the host machine’s hard drive. Usually, the main folder of an application will have an uninstall option.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

A virtual machine usually comes in the form of an operating system or application. The virtual machine is not a physical entity but exists only in a machine’s primary environment. This primary environment is known as a “host” environment, and the virtual machine is known as a “guest.” A virtual machine usually is made for the purpose of undertaking a task or command that the primary host environment is unable to execute. Several virtual machines can often run simultaneously on a machine’s primary environment.

An application program is also considered a virtual machine. This is because the application program being utilized is a virtual copy of the program’s physical disk and runs only in a virtual state in the machine’s primary host environment. The information and data contained in the hard disk of the virtual program can be accessed in the virtual program itself. In addition, operating system resources, such as processors, amount of random-access memory (RAM) and hard disks, can be accessed in a virtual machine operating system just as you would access them in a host operating system.

Installing a virtual machine is usually a simple process. After the physical disk of the application or the operating system is inserted in the host machine, an installation dialog box will appear onscreen. This dialog box will contain instructions regarding the virtual machine installation. All that is needed is for the steps to be followed.

Conversely, the process to uninstall a virtual machine is as simple as initially installing one. The same process to uninstall a virtual machine application can be applied to a virtual machine operating system. Access the virtual machine’s main folder on the host machine’s hard drive. This folder will contain the virtual machine operating system or several systems, depending on how many are installed on the machine.

Along with the operating system, the settings and data for the operating system are included in the main folder. Send the operating system and all of the files and settings related to the system to the machine’s trash bin. Delete the virtual machine operating system by cleaning out the contents of the trash bin. Thus, the process to uninstall a virtual machine is complete.

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